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We partner with a consortium of organizations that leverage the GREEN Advantage hiring platform to meet their talent recruitment goals, while investing in the GREEN scholarship fund.  Collectively, our goal is to increase diversity in the workforce and serve underrepresented students by providing a transformational experience and accelerating their careers with the GREEN Program.

Provide Access

Sponsor low-income, high potential student leaders on a future GREEN program

Cultivate aspiring change-makers and future leaders through a unique global experience that enhances students global knowledge, skills and leadership

Empower students with practical industry experience and training to prepare them for the workforce

Amplify Brand Awareness 

Join a consortium of like-minded organizations taking action and demonstrating their leadership in sustainable development

Obtain international reach and brand recognition on campuses across the globe through our robust network of more than 20,000 supporters and influencers

Share insights and industry knowledge through the GREEN blog, social media, webinars and events


Hire Top Talent 

Gain access to the GREEN Alumni Network of 2,200+ qualified, passionate, experienced young leaders for your talent recruitment 

Coordinate job and internship announcements to GREEN applicant pipeline of 10,000+ students and young professionals

Vetted resumes, recommendations and personalized introductions from our team

           Make your next hire a GREEN Alum 

The GREEN Advantage

Our focus is to provide an investigative educational model of curriculum, to compliment traditional University degree requirements with real-world, industry experience to shape skills that empower young leaders to discover their dream career.  

With a fast-paced, ever-changing job market, our team understands hiring difficulty. We are here to make it efficient and rewarding.

GREEN students are selected from an elite pool of applicants that have clearly demonstrated their leadership and commitment towards sustainable development & positive social impact throughout their careers.

  • 2700+ GREEN Alumni
  • 10,000+ Accepted student leaders
  • 450+ Universities
  • Representing 75+ Countries around the world

To learn more and start the conversation, please complete the form below or reach out to Brady Halligan  - Brady@theGREENprogram.com

Top employable skills gained from                           The GREEN Program 

Type of employer GREEN alumni desire 

Impact sector in which GREEN alumni currently work, or desire to work 

GREEN alumni can be found working at the following...

Photo: Vasu Sojitra

Alumni Profile

Vasu Sojitra

University Of Vermont

Mechanical Engineering

"GREEN helps open the eyes of the younger populations on the opportunities that are out there."

See Profile

Photo: Sarah Burns

Alumni Profile

Sarah Burns

University Of Pennsylvania

Environmental Studies

See Profile

Photo: Shelby Bierig

Alumni Profile

Shelby Bierig

University Of Pennsylvania

Mechanical Engineering

"I felt the passion in myself and my colleagues, so I sought out to find a company motivated by sustainability and found myself at Tesla Motors!"

See Profile

Photo: Tristan Perkins

Alumni Profile

Tristan Perkins

University Of South Australia

Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

"I want to leave my impact on the world by being an integral part of the engineering team that improves human space flight"

See Profile

Photo: Connor Humphries

Alumni Profile

Connor Humphries

Humber College

Sustainable Energy & Building Technology

"The GREEN Program is a dream come true for any student in a renewable energies focused program or are planning to."

See Profile

Photo: Amy Marie Amaon

Alumni Profile

Amy Marie Amaon

University Of North Texas

Mechanical & Energy Engineering

"My big dream is to somehow be able to make a global impact that promotes sustainability, clean energy, and the pursuit of STEM education."

See Profile

Photo: Charles White

Alumni Profile

Charles White

Stanford University

Masters In Civil And Environmental Engineering

"Being a part of the GREEN program encouraged me to pursue a job with the firm I’m working for now and even now I am inspired to continue creating experiences and opportunities for myself."

See Profile

Photo: Meredith Raphelson

Alumni Profile

Meredith Raphelson

Drexel University


"As a woman in the field, I am the minority. The hope is that I can spread the importance of STEAM type careers amongst other woman, not just Geology, to help make the science related field more diverse. "

See Profile

Photo: Corey Aydlett

Alumni Profile

Corey Aydlett

North Carolina State University

Environmental Technology And Management

"The GREEN program was the fastest 10 days of my life, but I learned more about myself and the environment than I did through four years of my undergraduate career."

See Profile

Photo: Ted Edwards

Alumni Profile

Ted Edwards

The Pennsylvania State University

Duke University School Of Law

Energy, Business, & Finance

"One thing that is not reflected on my resume is how much I enjoy being creative."

See Profile

Photo: Trey LaSane

Alumni Profile

Trey LaSane

Howard University

Chemical Engineering

"No other study abroad program will provide this unique combination of meaningful impact, education, and fun."

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Photo: Geoff Sincavage

Alumni Profile

Geoff Sincavage

The Pennsylvania State University


Penn State University

Energy Engineering

"I want to be able to help people understand that we’ve been harming our environment for too long and that we can harness what Mother Nature has to offer as a means of powering our world."

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Photo: Laurentiu Anton

Alumni Profile

Laurentiu Anton

University Of Waterloo

Mathematical Physics

"I want to foster sustainable cities and human practices. We’ll start with micro-smart grids!"

See Profile

Photo: Robyn Jones

Alumni Profile

Robyn Jones

Environmental Engineer

"The most valuable part of the program for me was the opportunity to make connections and form professional relationships and friendships that I still rely on today."

See Profile

Photo: Ryan Ramsey

Alumni Profile

Ryan Ramsey

University Of Utah

Chemical Engineering

"I am most passionate about access to clean water, sustainable energy storage, and sustainable agricultural practices."

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Meet Your Next Hire

Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a global community to call family. These are their stories.

Meet more Alumni


99% of GREEN Alumni say that The GREEN Program has refined their purpose: professionally, personally, academically

Interview Experience

Four in five GREEN Alumni say that employers have asked about their GREEN program experience during a job interview

Alumni Engagement

91% of GREEN Alumni stay connected with our global alumni community for mentorships, job opportunities, industry insight, travel and more

Long-Term Impact

95% of GREEN Alumni stay involved in sustainability efforts after their GREEN program

Network Respresentation

The GREEN Program recruits from over 450 Universities representing 70 different countries around the world.

The benefts of your contribution to the GREEN Scholarship Fund

Sponsorships will grant students opportunities, access and exposure on GREEN Programs that they may never have otherwise been able to afford

Help break down key barriers to education abroad and increase diversity

Cultivate aspiring change-makers and provide a global support network to help them achieve their career goals

Sponsorship will be a tax-deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor 501c3 non-profit partners.

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