Capstone Projects

Throughout our programs, participants work together to create innovative solutions towards real-world challenges in sustainable development.

The Capstone Project addresses current challenges within the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and are focused on eradicating poverty, inequality, and climate change.

Created in interdisciplinary cohorts, Capstone Project solutions integrate political, business, social, and environmental lenses with participants from various disciplines and experience.

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KILIMO SASA: Empowering Rural Farmers and Youth through Innovative Agribusiness Solutions

Surya urja Samaj bikash

Sustainable Housing Initiative Plan

Parrotfish Plastics

Biofiltration for Offshore Aquaculture

The HydroSync Initiative

The Utilization of Geothermal Energy for the Production of Biofuel

REAL Change

Poseidon Consulting

Kainji Hydroelectric Dam & Waste Water Treatment

Small Modular Reactor

Babes Makin’ Waves

S.A.N.D.S.S. Sustainable & Novel Depository Storage System

Bountifuel: Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development

River Recovery Awareness Group

River Restoration with Recycling

Forest Management, Bioethanol, & Decarbonizing Heating in Homes

Digital Access for Bor Singh in Pakistan

Grassroots Social Change for Climate Change

Spin Cycle: The Circular Economy of Home Appliances

Energy Keepers: Sustainable Energy Education and Employment Program for Tribal Youth Members

The Future of Hydrogen Fuel in Aviation

Carbon Capture by Microalgae

Brine Power Systems (BPS) Using Desalination for Molten Battery Storage

Regenerative Agriculture Development in Rural Guatemala

Enviro Design: Make Your Business Sustainable

Clean Air Jordan

Ocean Energy Systems

Carbon Capture by Enhanced Greenhouse Production

Olympic Opportunities


Energy Independence in the Navajo Nation

Grow U

Urban Energy Storage

Controlling Canines in Cusco

Clean Water in Cusco: Community-Owned Clean Water Systems

River Restoration Through Resource Recovery Initiatives

Sustainable Education in Nepal

Silica as a Waste Product

Sustainability Access Alliance

Plastic Pyrolysis

Fog Harvesting for Water Security

Biofuel Utilization


Ripple Education

Bee DIRTy Walls



From Dust to Daffodils


People for Greener Transit


Indigenous Clean Energy Alliance

Geothermal Systems in Texas

Stormwater Turbines

Renewable Energy Kits

Food to Fuel

Lithium Extraction from Icelandic Geothermal Brine


Renewable Rides

The Solarization of Moloka’i

Composite Batteries for Charge Storage

Transforming the Process Technology Program For A Greener Future

Vision Truck Platooning

Community-Based Pollution and Ecological Education

Green Hands

Southeast Wind Energy Solutions

Green City Accelerator

Portland Renewable Energy Consulting

Renewable Energy at UNH

WEGS: Waste to Energy Generation System


Wave Cave

Sounds too good to be true

The GREEN Tour

Residential Wind Turbines

V2G For The ACT


Harnessing Highway Wind Energy

Residential Water Management System

Wind and the City

Sustainable Mobile Hospital


What makes American culture?

Sustainable Heating: Bringing Heat Pumps to the Public


Compost U

Subway Station Energy Generation

Recycle Simple

Pheonix Geothermal Systems

Living Off The Grid




The Pumanure Project


OTEC Economics


On Demand Light Post


Cuzco Irrigation Rehabilitation (CIR)

Offshore Wind Platforms

Hybrid Turbine Technology

Power Playground

Adventuras Verdes

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion And Offshore Wind

Home Sustainable Resources

EGS and District Heating

Biofuel from Restaurant Waste

Greenfinity Inc

Green Flip Team

Doing Green Business in Costa Rica

Bio-Digestion In North Carolina Swine Farms

Green Architecture

Developing Costa Rica’s Decentralized Biogas Industry

Bag Wars

Greener Malls

Golden Tidal Power

AeroFlo Incorporated (AFI)

Green Lawn Solutions Co.

Geothermal Powered Desalination Plant

Decentralized Power Storage

Saving lives in Nairobi, Kenya through Biodigestion

Green inTENT

JRB Consulting


Biogas: Feasibility and Implementation

Algae Capstone


As a non-engineering student, I thought I wouldn’t be able to contribute much to the Capstone Project. I was wrong. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with students from various backgrounds with similar interest in helping countries achieve sustainable development.

In such a short time, we were able to invent a product that we named “GeoWater” for the Afar region in Ethiopia, which provides safe drinking water to regions near geothermal sites. Not only have I learned so much about sustainable energy, I have also gained interpersonal teamwork skills, which is very important for my future.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Anne F.

University of California - Berkeley

TGP’s Capstone Project:
Pedagogy & Learning Outcomes

The GREEN Program (TGP) defines social impact as any activity that advances one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using an interdisciplinary approach, the Global Goals require diverse people working together across every sector to create sustainable positive impact.

TGP programs utilizes the UN Global Goals as a common framework for the Capstone Projects, and asks students: What are innovative ways that you can create a positive impact for sustainability? 

Are you ready to go GREEN?

Your first step is to complete and submit an application. Upon acceptance, a TGP member will reach out to you with your next steps for enrollment. We look forward to traveling with you soon! (Please note that spots fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

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