Thank you for signing up to become a GREEN Influencer! We’re excited that you want to share The GREEN Program mission for sustainable development. If we didn’t mention before, we’re also pumped to offer you an opportunity to adventure with us free! Consider this portal your home base.

First, your personal links are below. Our team has created links to our homepage and application just for you! When you share these links you’ll be able to see how many people clicked them, applied to our program, or even decided to attend. Any students who click these links or mention your name in their application will be given priority status and we’ll know you referred them.

Second, get your social media on. You’ll notice we’ve spent time cooking up a bunch of example social media posts below. Copy, steal, and personalize all of them! We recommend sharing at least once a week and don’t forget to include your personal link in the post.

Third, we have other resources to support you. Here is a slideshow you can use for presentations, and here is a guide on how to make the most of your social media sharing.

Lastly, don’t forget we’re in this together. Our team wants to make this happen for you! If you have questions about how to make the most of this opportunity or would like more tips or support, we’re here for you. Reach out to Amanda at amanda@thegreenprogram.com or 215 756 4053.

& the best part…

Regardless of whether you are an accepted student, a student committed to attend an upcoming program, an alumni, or an Ambassador, the benefits of being an influencer are the same. If you refer 5 students who secure their spot(s) on our program, we’ll cut the cost of your upcoming traditional GREEN program or Alumni Reunion in half! If you refer 10 students who secure their spot(s) on our program, you’ll earn your upcoming GREEN program or Alumni Reunion for free! If you refer 10 students and choose to use your reward towards the Alumni Reunion, we’ll also cover the cost of your flight up to a pre-determined amount.

Students who you refer must secure their spot(s) within the year that you sign up to become an Influencer. You may be a part of the program for more than one year.

If you plan to use your reward towards an upcoming GREEN program, your referrals must secure their spot(s) before the start of your program. If you do not reach 5 students before the start of your traditional GREEN program, you may use your referrals toward the Alumni Reunion.

Finally, for any number of students that an Ambassador or alumni refers between 5 and 10, we will reduce your program fee proportionately whether it be for a traditional program or the Alumni Reunion.

Let’s do this!

Share the mission. Earn an adventure on us.

The GREEN Program is proud to build a community of ambitious, go-getter, globally minded students who are passionate about sustainable development and the impact they make on the world. You rock!  To say thank you for being an advocate for sustainability in your community we are offering you an opportunity to travel with The GREEN Program at a reduced price or free by helping us share our mission.

Whether you’re an alumni, a student committed to attend our programs, or an accepted student looking to make your GREEN Program financially feasible we invite you to become a GREEN Influencer. 

Before you sign up we recommend you review our FAQ page which will answer your questions on what it means to be a TGP Influencer. Feel free to email Amanda directly at amanda@thegreenprogram.com with questions.