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looking to boost my resume and make an impact in sustainability.

looking to gain unique experiences in sustainability.

looking for experiences that make me stand out and progress my career.

looking for a partner to develop an international component of my course.

looking for a program that will advance my child's education and career.

The GREEN Program (TGP) stuck out on my resume. When I interviewed with General Electric, they were very interested in my Capstone Project that we created on the program. It's what pushed my resume through.

Amanda Berta, Energy Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, Renewable Energy Engineer at General Electric

The program has the perfect combination between hands-on applications, information, and adventurous activities to really push you out of your comfort-zone. The material was informative, and all the activities added value to the overall experience. I had seen the educational material at university, but seeing it firsthand with the industry visits was really eye-opening.

Christopher Wang, Supplier Management Analyst at Grainger

This program turned out to be so much more than I could have ever expected. I feel excited for the future again, and more confident that I can take on these challenges. I've learned something new from everyone I interacted with - whether about a new part of the field, like sustainable agriculture - or a new outlook on life, it's never too late to change directions. I´m so grateful for the experiences I had and the friends I made.

Lisa O'Brien, Data Analyst at Google

The GREEN Program is amazing in not only relating what academic programs teach to real world experiences but also integrating the academic outcomes. This is an outstanding experience that every student in related disciplines should have as it provides a multidimensional, multinational, and interdisciplinary experience. This is a very well organized program.

Sarma Pisupati, Undergraduate Program Chair of Energy Engineering, Director of Online Education, Pennsylvania State University

TGP is an incredibly well put together program. The attention to detail is incredible. They have literally thought of everything! I asked every “what if” question and “in the case of” question, and they had an answer and a solution already in place! As a parent, I would highly recommend this program to any parent, and more so to any student wanting to join a study abroad program.

Samantha Jacobs, Parent of John Jacobs, Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Our alumni are being hired at high-growth companies


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Join a global network of 3,200+ sustainability leaders

  • Learn from local faculty & renowned industry experts
  • Gain credit and exclusive access to facility tours
  • Create a SDGs Capstone Innovation Project
  • Grow an international network of leaders
  • Invest in local economies and communities
  • Check off bucket-list adventure excursions
  • Experience unique cultural immersion experiences
  • Enjoy locally prepared meals, lodging, and transit
  • Offset the carbon emissions of your flight
  • Access to the Alumni Network & Benefits

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"I cannot recommend The GREEN Program highly enough!
My experience with TGP was an inflection point in my life."

- Stuart P. , Energy & Environmental Policy, Princeton University, TGP Alum

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