Environmental Policy

Taking action for a sustainable future.

We believe in using business as a force for good to help create a sustainable future, community, and planet.

The GREEN Program is proud to be a triple-bottom line, public benefit company.

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Our Approach

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Sustainable Travel & Program Operations

All of our programs are accredited courses that are focused on our world’s most pressing issues around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As advocates for sustainable travel, we partner with locally owned vendors and prioritize women and minority owned businesses. In addition, TGP tracks and offsets the flights emissions of our students’ and team’s flights. We always use a verified third party to offset the emissions to a sustainable project that is voted upon by our alumni community every year. Read more about our carbon offsetting initiatives. See our commitment with the U.N. SDGs Partnerships Platform since 2015 here.

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Ethical Service-Learning Opportunities

Our programs provide unique opportunities climate action through service-learning opportunities in several destinations. We’ve supported local communities with their sustainability efforts which include projects such as  reforestation in Iceland, clean water access in Peru, and clean energy access in Nepal.


We don’t just teach sustainability, we practice it too. Learn more about our programs.

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Company-Wide Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is at the core of our decision-making at every level of our organization. TGP has a company-wide environmental purchasing and offsetting policy that institutes sustainability best practices. This includes reducing waste by increasing product efficiency and effectiveness, purchasing products that minimize environmental impacts, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting sustainably and locally sourced products. 

Contributing to the field

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We get our hands dirty and do the work. The best way to teach sustainability is by example.

Melissa Lee, Founder & CEO

How We’re Walking the Talk

Read our full environmental policy and strategies for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The GREEN Program Blog

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