Meet The GREEN Program Scholars

The GREEN Program aims to increase diversity in the global workforce by (1) breaking down key barriers to education abroad and (2) accelerating the careers of underrepresented students. We– along with our fiscal sponsors, non-profit partners, hiring partners and donors like you– believe in investing in transformational experiences that help our next-generation leaders build a global support network to achieve their high-impact career goals. 

Meet Ramon

"My dream career is anything that enables to be myself in a dynamic environment with professionals from diverse educational and life backgrounds while working on current technology. TGP has inspired me to work sustainable thinking into every decision I’ll make in my career. TGP has reminded me that every decision you make can have an environmental impact, so it’s important to start thinking with this in mind holistically - personally, professionally, educationally."

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Meet Tymber

"I feel much more educated on renewable energies than I ever thought I would be. I had learned some through my involvement in an environmental organization on campus, but never really understood how exactly it worked or how it could be used on a large-scale, let alone it being able to provide power to an entire country. I am confident that I can sound informed when talking about renewable energy now, as I experienced it first-hand. This is very important to my degree and my career prospects as I am now confident that I know what I’m talking about if I ever want to gain support for sustainability and protecting the environment.

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Meet Rosemary

"I’m a proud social justice and environmental advocate and AmeriCorps member. I believe small acts can really change the world. I would like to be a civil engineer (with passing both FE and PE exams) as well as work on more sustainable infrastructure by design, efficiency, use of energy resources and the (recycled) materials used."

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Meet Amy

"The education was incredible. I had never in my life experienced anything like it. We would receive a lecture from an expert on hydroplants, and then the same day we would witness what they were speaking of. This allowed the information to not only settle in but for me to reach a greater understanding. The GREEN Program’s educational system is one that soars above the norm and allows its students to achieve a profound level of knowledge."

Meet JingJing

"Although I’m not majoring in nuclear energy or environmental studies specifically, I believe that sustainability is an integral part of anyone’s career trajectory. I learned so much about clean energy and the process of rebuilding after natural disasters; I plan to use this knowledge and apply it to something I’m really passionate about: urban renewal in the parts of Philadelphia that need it the most."

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