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"I embarked on this trip because I believed the program aligned with my academic interests, and I am invigorated by adventure. This program, the people, the learning, and the adventures, turned out to be so much more. I really believe that this was one of those once in a lifetime trips, during which you not only explore your limits, but also explore the inner you; what makes you tick, what you value, what you believe in, and what role you want to have in this world. This was a trip in which I lost myself, and found myself, in the best way possible. I have never in my 21-year-old life, been around a group of people this motivated, worldly, caring, friendly, like-minded, genuine, and fun. Adventures beyond your comfort zone create experiences unlike any you will find anywhere else. I came into the program with an open mind, and I have grown ways I cannot even imagine. "

Stuart Pomeroy | Princeton University | Environmental Policy | Iceland '16

"When I first got accepted to this program I was both excited and nervous. Finding out that I would be studying something I had no idea about in a country I had never been to before scared me, but I took a chance and it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions in my life. From the first day I was able to have deep conversations about things that mattered and finally be surrounded with like minded and incredible people. Being able to learn about Fukushima as well as the process of developing a capstone project has helped me to become more knowledgeable and get an idea of what I want to do with my life. I am walking away with unforgettable memories and friendships. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity and I will definitely be spreading word about the program and what it has to offer."

Stephanie Lin | McMaster University | Software Engineering | Japan '17

“Your combination of fostering learning while balancing the focus on helping students discover who they are as individuals and as part of a group is the key. Thank you… this is the type of inspiration faculty can use to keep going as well.”

Becky Archer | Director of Environmental Technology and Economy | University of Maryland

"I’m excited to work with TGP because our goal is to empower emerging leaders in sustainability, and TGP is producing those people. It’s fun to work towards that brighter future together."

Casey Plasker | Associate of People | Employee Experience & Sustainability Marketing at Inspire

"I learned about The GREEN Program from a family friend. After scanning their website and learning just how involved the program is, I wanted Joseph to do it. I wanted him to venture by himself and learn to be by himself. From the beginning of his registration to the day Joseph got home, the whole process was seamless and the TGP team was incredibly supportive. The program was phenomenal not just from an education standpoint, but for his personality and personal growth. I saw a big change in Joseph after the program, and saw him start to step up to the plate more and fix things himself. He became independent and is now completing a masters at Reykjavik University all because of The GREEN Program. I highly suggest it!"

Deb Sollod | Parent of Joe Sollod | Iceland '16

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Photo: Trey LaSane

Alumni Profile

Trey LaSane

Howard University

Chemical Engineering

"No other study abroad program will provide this unique combination of meaningful impact, education, and fun."

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Photo: Jossy Jose

Alumni Profile

Jossy Jose

Shiv Nadar University

Technology & Mechanical Engineering

"This unique program not only highlights the need for renewable energy, but is also a memorable learning experience for students."

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Photo: Charles White

Alumni Profile

Charles White

Stanford University

Masters In Civil And Environmental Engineering

"Being a part of the GREEN program encouraged me to pursue a job with the firm I’m working for now and even now I am inspired to continue creating experiences and opportunities for myself."

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Photo: Taylor Ryan

Alumni Profile

Taylor Ryan

Pennsylvania State University

Community, Environment, Development

"GREEN helped me fuel my passion and grow a burning desire to do what I wanted with it"

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Photo: Andrea Carranza

Alumni Profile

Andrea Carranza

University Of California, Berkeley

City Planning (masters)

"This trip has been an eye-opening experience that has made me want to help create a better, more sustainable world."

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Photo: Tristan Perkins

Alumni Profile

Tristan Perkins

University Of South Australia

Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

"I want to leave my impact on the world by being an integral part of the engineering team that improves human space flight"

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Photo: Amy Marie Amaon

Alumni Profile

Amy Marie Amaon

University Of North Texas

Mechanical & Energy Engineering

"My big dream is to somehow be able to make a global impact that promotes sustainability, clean energy, and the pursuit of STEM education."

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Photo: David Fagbola

Alumni Profile

David Fagbola

University Of Maryland

Electrical Engineering

"I believe I am part of a generation willing to set out a path and foundation for the future."

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Photo: Shelby Bierig

Alumni Profile

Shelby Bierig

University Of Pennsylvania

Mechanical Engineering

"I felt the passion in myself and my colleagues, so I sought out to find a company motivated by sustainability and found myself at Tesla Motors!"

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Photo: Corey Aydlett

Alumni Profile

Corey Aydlett

North Carolina State University

Environmental Technology And Management

"The GREEN program was the fastest 10 days of my life, but I learned more about myself and the environment than I did through four years of my undergraduate career."

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Photo: Robyn Jones

Alumni Profile

Robyn Jones

Environmental Engineer

"The most valuable part of the program for me was the opportunity to make connections and form professional relationships and friendships that I still rely on today."

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Photo: Vasu Sojitra

Alumni Profile

Vasu Sojitra

University Of Vermont

Mechanical Engineering

"GREEN helps open the eyes of the younger populations on the opportunities that are out there."

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Photo: Emilie Gentry

Alumni Profile

Emilie Gentry

Colorado School Of Mines

University Of Texas

Geoscience, Structural Geology

"Specifically, I think I would like a career in high impact research such as working at a national lab, or something relating to geothermal energy."

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Photo: Zachariah Rizk

Alumni Profile

Zachariah Rizk

University Of Oregon

Environmental Studies, Business Administration - Minor

"Through empowerment, education and grit, we can revive our inner cities into innovative hubs for green solutions."

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Photo: Sarah Collmus

Alumni Profile

Sarah Collmus

Rochester Institute Of Technology

Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Studies

"With the capability of working together on technical innovations we can arrive at feasible solutions much more quickly and with a sense of unity."

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Faces of The Future

Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a global community to call family. These are their stories.

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