Talent Curation

for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We connect emerging talent in sustainable development with companies and organizations that are committed to progressing the SDGs

    Talent Recruitment

  • We recruit leaders through our robust supporter community representing 450+ Universities around the world
  • Partnerships with top Universities and our TGP Ambassador Program ensures a consistent pipeline of talent with foundational knowledge
  • We focus our efforts on professionally supporting our thriving TGP alumni community of 3,500+, providing meaningful connections and expanding our global reach

         SDGs Trained

  • TGP's award winning curriculum is designed by SDG academics and professional experts in their fields

  • The combination of hands-on industry experience, leadership activities and collaborative SDG capstone projects enhances 21st century skills to get leaders ready to innovate throughout their career
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             You Hire

  • We take a human-centered approach to talent recruitment, prepping TGP leaders and facilitating a perfect match with partner companies 
  • Employers get access to entire TGP community and we coordinate an integrated recruitment strategy based on the needs of HR 

"I’m excited to work with TGP because our goal is to empower emerging leaders in sustainability, and TGP is producing those people. It’s fun to work towards that brighter future together."


- Casey Plasker, Associate of People, Employee Experience & Sustainability Marketing at Inspire 

Invest in uniquely qualified talent while progressing sustainability education

Your placement fee will support disadvantaged students' sustainability education abroad on an upcoming GREEN program

Your sponsorship will be a tax- deductible 501c3 contribution to our TGP scholarship fund

Engage in opportunities to amplify your brand and collaborate with our team for career events and training programs

Learn more about The GREEN Program Scholars initiative

"TGP helped me land my current job. I was working for a battery manufacturer and wanted to switch industries. After I was hired, my Director told me that the experiences I had on TGP made me stand out from the rest of the candidates."


- Grantiana Ko, Commercial Operations Analyst, Yingli Green Energy Americas

Photo: Shelby Bierig

Alumni Profile

Shelby Bierig

University Of Pennsylvania

Mechanical Engineering

"I felt the passion in myself and my colleagues, so I sought out to find a company motivated by sustainability and found myself at Tesla Motors!"

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Photo: Melissa Adams

Alumni Profile

Melissa Adams

University Of Illinois At Urbana-champaign

General Engineering

"I believe that I am a next-generation pioneer of my industry because I am willing to take the extra time and energy to find the “greenest” way to complete the task."

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Photo: Charles White

Alumni Profile

Charles White

Stanford University

Masters In Civil And Environmental Engineering

"Being a part of the GREEN program encouraged me to pursue a job with the firm I’m working for now and even now I am inspired to continue creating experiences and opportunities for myself."

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Photo: Gabriela Moy

Alumni Profile

Gabriela Moy

University Of Colorado

Chemical Engineering; Minor In Business

"I want to use my creativity and problem solving skills to tackle problems impacting people all over the world, especially in developing countries."

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Photo: Daniel Yinglong Liu

Alumni Profile

Daniel Yinglong Liu

Colorado School Of Mines

Biochemical & Chemical Engineering

"Whether it be through R&D or technical sales, anything I can do to bring tangible, sustainable solutions to the table of employers and companies is what I'll consider to be good work!"

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Photo: Claire Petrie

Alumni Profile

Claire Petrie

Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University

Industrial And Systems Engineering

"My resume summarizes all of the experiences I've had, but it doesn't share my passion and dedication to whatever I choose to pursue. I'm extraordinarily energetic and have a bright, positive outlook that is contagious and makes everyday challenges enjoyable."

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Photo: Andrew Vann

Alumni Profile

Andrew Vann

Brown University

Environmental Science, Sustainability In Development

"I want the leave the world with much better built environments for people to inhabit, which I believe starts with innovative material use, renewable energy, and smart and resilient city planning."

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Photo: Iqra Ahmed

Alumni Profile

Iqra Ahmed

University Of Florida

Environmental Science; Minors: Business Administration, Wildlife Ecology And Conservation

"I want to be able to say that I had a part in preserving natural areas where I live and help to foster a love for the outdoors and nature. I want to play a role toward transitioning our current society toward renewable energies and mitigation of climate change."

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Photo: Adam Tholen

Alumni Profile

Adam Tholen

University Of Wisconsin-madison

Mechanical Engineering With A Certificate In Engineering For Energy Sustainability

"I want a career in which I can apply my engineering education to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy systems while also working with community members to gain an understanding of how their lives can be improved."

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Photo: Vishwanth Kumar Vankadari

Alumni Profile

Vishwanth Kumar Vankadari

University Of Pennsylvania

Master Of Science In Engineering, Mechanical Engineering And Applied Mechanics

"Driven by passion to improve energy efficiency, eliminate transmission losses and attract companies to profit from green energy, I have gained experience in the fields of thermal and energy engineering, corporate finance and oil and gas."

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Photo: Jenna Bergstrom

Alumni Profile

Jenna Bergstrom

University Of New Hampshire

Civil Engineering, Minor In International Affairs

"In the future, I hope to work as a Civil Engineer world-wide and especially help impoverished countries with essentials like waste-water treatment plants, drinking-water treatment, building wells, etc."

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Photo: Enric Baduell

Alumni Profile

Enric Baduell

Florida State University

Chemical Engineering

"I want to lead by example, to inspire, and to educate others on the urgency of transitioning towards green energy."

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Photo: Daniel Raynor

Alumni Profile

Daniel Raynor

Yale University

Environmental Engineering, Energy Studies

"While there are countless ways to improve both the natural and built environment, my passions lie in the broad field of water resource management, renewable energy, and various sustainability initiatives."

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Photo: Avery McEvoy

Alumni Profile

Avery McEvoy

Stanford University

University Of Southern California

Master In Atmosphere, Energy, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"I want to leave a better, cleaner, greener future for our posterity. I want to power the world with renewable energy."

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Photo: David Abel

Alumni Profile

David Abel

University Of Wisconsin

Mechanical Engineering, Environment And Resources, Energy Analysis And Policy

"A resume can show ambition, but it cannot appropriately portray the passion that I have for energy and the environment, nor the people, places and ideas that have come with exploration in this field."

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