Student Profiles

Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a group to call family. These are their stories...

Photo: Lucinda Toppen

Alumni Profile

Lucinda Toppen

Michigan Technological University

Environmental Engineering

"This trip opened my eyes to how understanding a culture enables sustainable infrastructure and practices to take place and make meaningful change."

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Photo: Daniel Raynor

Alumni Profile

Daniel Raynor

Yale University

Environmental Engineering, Energy Studies

"While there are countless ways to improve both the natural and built environment, my passions lie in the broad field of water resource management, renewable energy, and various sustainability initiatives."

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Photo: Charles White

Alumni Profile

Charles White

Stanford University

Masters In Civil And Environmental Engineering

"Being a part of the GREEN program encouraged me to pursue a job with the firm I’m working for now and even now I am inspired to continue creating experiences and opportunities for myself."

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