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Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a group to call family. These are their stories...

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Photo: Corey Norton

Alumni Profile

Corey Norton

Rutgers University

Electrical Engineering Major And Sustainability Minor

"I want to leave this world knowing that I improved the lives of as many people as I could on both large scales and small."

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Photo: Adam Tholen

Alumni Profile

Adam Tholen

University Of Wisconsin-madison

Mechanical Engineering With A Certificate In Engineering For Energy Sustainability

"I want a career in which I can apply my engineering education to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy systems while also working with community members to gain an understanding of how their lives can be improved."

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Photo: Andrew Vann

Alumni Profile

Andrew Vann

Brown University

Environmental Science, Sustainability In Development

"I want the leave the world with much better built environments for people to inhabit, which I believe starts with innovative material use, renewable energy, and smart and resilient city planning."

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Photo: Lauren Hillis

Alumni Profile

Lauren Hillis

Rowan University

Reykjavik University

Sustainability Energy Engineering

"I want help improve sustainable energy technologies and spread awareness of sustainable practices."

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Photo: Trent Cummings

Alumni Profile

Trent Cummings

The George Washington University

Environmental Studies, Sustainability

"I'd like to work towards conserving the natural wonders that have inspired me so that my children's generation has the opportunity to appreciate the environment as more than an afterthought of past generations."

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Photo: Mackenna Bell

Alumni Profile

Mackenna Bell

University Of Michigan

Environmental Engineering, Program In Sustainability

"I'm really passionate about the environment, public health, and helping people. I wanted to become an engineer to help create a better world for all who inhabit it."

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Photo: Genevieve Victoria Tarino

Alumni Profile

Genevieve Victoria Tarino

Rutgers University

Environmental Policy And Sustainability

"I want to protect the environment through political activism, writing, and international climate change policy. Overall, I want to do as much good for the cause as possible."

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