Student Profiles

Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a group to call family. These are their stories...

Photo: Katalina Salas

Alumni Profile

Katalina Salas

University Of Texas - El Paso

Environmental Science And Engineering, Phd

"My experience in Peru solidified my graduate work to focus on water."

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Photo: Leah Ann VanLandingham

Alumni Profile

Leah Ann VanLandingham

Eastern Michigan University

Green Program Affiliated Universities

Double Major In Environmental Science And Political Science And Double Minor In Leadership And Sustainability

"I would like to spread the love and joy from having a connection with the world and inspire others to look beyond the generic expectations of what it means to be successful and a human."

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Photo: Katie Stevens

Alumni Profile

Katie Stevens

Lafayette College

Biology Minor: Environmental Science

"I want to work in a position where I can help make my community more sustainable and actually see the direct results of my work."

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