How do you want to leave your impact on the world? 

I want to leave the world less dependent on gasoline.


What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?

I grew up as a Mexican-American in an area where Latinos made up about 1% of the predominantly Caucasian population. In order to not constantly feel out of place I had to work hard and assimilate effectively. I was also raised with a strong work ethic that has helped me succeed with everything I have tried to do.


Tell us about your leadership experiences.

Been in management in retail sales for over a year.


Tell us about your Capstone project experience and your journey, your team, the ideation and implementation.

My partner and I planned on running an algae-based biofuels company located in Seattle, Washington where the customers would grow their own algae and bring it to the company to convert it to biodiesel.


Where and when would you go in a time machine? Why?

A speakeasy during the 1920s because the fashion from that era fascinates me, as does the idea of the secret parties of speakeasies.


You're hosting an intimate dinner party. Select 3 figures you would invite.

Beyonce, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, and Pope John Paul II.


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