"I am dedicated to my art (structures and architecture) and wish to see the development of sustainable design incorporated throughout my lifetime. I am honest, hard-working and devoted to sustainability of all kinds and refuse to narrow my focus on a specific field as I am interested in research, clean energy and technology, green building and teaching. I am a conduit for sustainable design." 

How do you want to leave your impact on the world? 

Design eco-minded communities around the world and help people have access to clean, affordable water and power to release the third world from the grip of poverty.


Describe your dream job or career. 

I wish to travel the world and build sustainable developments that allow people to thrive with what they have. I wish to teach the ideas of building without destroying the natural environment and keeping the natural resources for future generations to come.


Tell us about your leadership experiences.

I do not have much leadership experience other than being the Social Chair for both CALPIRG's Climate Challenge and XE for 2 years in college. I also worked as the Hospitality Chair for the Newport Beach Philharmonic Society for over 10 years.


What is the biggest take-away and/or favorite part of your GREEN Program experience?

Collaboration. Getting to know people from around the world with similar interests but very different backgrounds transformed my views on sustainability. For this, I am eternally grateful.


Tell us about your Capstone project experience and your journey, your team, the ideation and implementation.

Algenious was our Team Name. We transformed rapeseed oil into biofuel to power the 12% fossil fuel usage of Iceland to create a 100% sustainable country in energy use. We had a brilliant team that worked very hard and very well together in making an impeccable presentation.


How will you use this experience to advance your personal goals?

I will use this experience to never stop learning - to expand my own knowledge for the greater good of humanity.


Where and when would you go in a time machine? Why?

1970, Washington D.C. I would go there because this is the date the EPA was established. I would be there to lobby for better protection standards and a clause that inhibits the revoking of the department indefinitely.

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