"My favorite part of the GREEN Program was the overall push to go outside your comfort zone, and to experience adventures and activities you wouldn't normally do." 

What’s your story?

I started out thinking I was destined to be part of the film industry and was slated to study Film Studies at University of Buffalo as I graduated high school, but as I was up in Buffalo for my freshman orientation I suddenly realized that I truly had no idea what i was doing and that I definitely did not want to be in Buffalo. Thus, I made a quick decision to stay at home and attend community college for a year before I transferred to Binghamton University for English. By my sophomore year of college, however, I was becoming increasingly interested in the environment after simply taking a Physical Geology class - I realized that this was something I was becoming very serious about, and all aspects of environmentalism fascinated me. It was a subject that really mattered, and that would not only help society but would furthermore help protect the planet, which has always been a soft spot for me. From there I started to slowly work environmental studies classes into my schedule, starting out with a minor, then declaring a double major in Environmental Studies Public Policy as my interest piked even more in regards to energy policies and the such. By the time I applied to the GREEN program, I was set - I knew working in the renewable energy sector was finally, undoubtedly, what I wanted to do.  


Describe your dream job.

My dream job would be advocating for renewable energy in some way. More specifically, I'm stuck between two jobs I would both absolutely love: working in DC somewhere where I'd be writing/implementing policies regarding renewable energy, or working on a smaller scale either for a grassroots/state/public organization to promote/implement renewable energy practices or policies. 


Why do you believe that you are the next-generation pioneer of your industry?

I believe that my knowledge and passion about both the policy and technical sides of renewable energy makes me a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the industry; in order to move towards a more sustainable future, I feel that both sides of the subject need to be addressed and combined. 


"GREEN has provided me with such valuable knowledge on renewable energy that I believe has helped me get my current job, and has laid a base of knowledge for me that I think will set me apart from other in the future." 

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