What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?

I was raised by two scientists who instilled in me a deep passion for environmentalism from an early age. Upon starting my college career I immediately began to supplement my engineering coursework with courses that taught me about sustainability and have been searching for ways to combine my two academic interests. The GREEN Program was a major stepping stone towards that goal.

Describe your dream job or career.

My dream career is one where I can combine my studies on both Electrical Engineering and Sustainability in a way that either directly helps people or helps improve the environment they live in.

Describe a personal experience that has directly or indirectly influenced your career path.

In high school I thought I wanted to be an architecture major. I enrolled in a course on Digital Electronics during my junior year as a part of an engineering program at my school. The teacher who ran that class had such passion for the coursework he was teaching that he got me excited about it, too. Because he instilled his passion in me, I decided to change me career path and enrolled in an Electrical Engineering undergraduate program at Rutgers University and have worked proudly in that field ever since. Passionate mentors can leave impacts on their pupils that last a lifetime.

What is the biggest take-away and/or favorite part of your GREEN Program experience?

My two career interests (engineering and sustainability) can work very well together. I don't have to decide which is more important to me. I can do both.


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