What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you? 

I am a big people person. I have traveled all over the globe only to learn that people everywhere are amazing and loving. Not only people, but seeing the beautiful nature world has grown my desire to preserve it as much as possible. I am extremely adaptable, I went from living on the beach, then going to a university in the middle of nothing but cornfields, then to working in Colombia.


Describe your dream job or career. 

Clean Energy production which could be in terms of geothermal plants or solar cell design. I would also love a job in lithium ion battery technology.


Describe a personal experience that has directly or indirectly influenced your career path.

The green program! It reinforced my desired career path for clean energy by exposing me to Iceland, a country whose exemplifies that a clean future is feasible.

Tell us about your leadership experiences. 

Out of all, the most challenging was the Purdue Energy Forum club. I was part of a group of 5 engineering students from different disciplines who wanted to bring back a dead club. The club, in its prime, held seminars that brought in several speakers from leading industries in energy to speak. Large crowds came to listen and eat free pizza. We met with the leading research director for Purdue who was the faculty adviser for the club two years ago. He gave us several tasks before allowing us to unfreeze the club's old financial resources. My personal tasks were restructuring the club's constitution along with recontacting old connections. With several companies willing to sponsor the club and the constitution restructured, the club and members aided in the sustainability summit. With high hopes, I received news that the club would not be able to start up again due to some formalities. We decided to contribute all our resources to a new club emerging that focused on green way of living. The club grew and became quite successful as our board and funds merged to become one.


Tell us about your Capstone project experience and your journey, your team, the ideation and implementation.

After visiting the geothermal plant, I kept wondering about the main issue the plant faces, hydrogen sulfide. They released it into the atmosphere, and on certain days when the wind was just right, residents in Reykjavik would smell it in the atmosphere ( not a good thing very poisonous). Coming to my group with the problem, we were stumped on how to expel hydrogen sulfide in an economically feasible manner. We talked with the green leaders who gave us an interesting suggestion, using publicity of other companies. Several companies have bad social standing with the Icelandic people; our idea was to start a green initiative to treat the hydrogen sulfide funded by these companies. Why would they do it? They would take full credit and use it as a publicity stunt to win back the general population of Iceland. The implementation would require technical calculations which i provided in the presentation.


Where and when would you go in a time machine? Why?

Whenever interstellar space is a casual thing. The time of exploration into the unknown of an unimaginable scale.

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