"I believe there is so much potential for renewable energy to take over the transportation industry and I think my generation has the ability to change the old ways of thinking and focus on sustainability. " 

What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?

I grew up in New Mexico and was a dancer for 20 years. I have danced in a couple of companies and I have even danced on Broadway! I moved out to San Diego for school and never looked back. I am passionate about yoga, food, travel, and most of all sustainability. 


How do you want to make your impact on the world? 

I want to change the way the world currently looks at the transportation industry and accelerate its transition into sustainability. I want to make a lasting impact in the automotive and spacecraft industries by making renewable energy our main source of energy for vehicles of all kinds. I believe that my career goals are pretty unique, and I have a strong desire to pursue a path that is very out of the ordinary. My career goal in itself is to be a pioneer in renewable energy research and I hope that my thesis over the next couple of years will be a step in that direction.


Describe your dream job.  

My dream job would be to work for NASA as an astronaut and spend a year on the ISS researching fuel cell technology.  


"I have found that the GREEN Program is a huge selling point in job interviews, and my experience in Iceland has recently helped me land a job with Tesla Motors!"

Tell us about your Capstone Project experience and initiative. 

The Capstone Project my team and I worked on was to convert the excess trash from the Three Gorges Dam into energy (biomass). After reading about and seeing pictures of the insane amounts of trash at the Three Gorges Dam in China, we decided to find a way to put it to good use. We also thought this would be a good way to reduce carbon emissions and pollution in China.  We learned that our idea had some flaws, but also had a lot of potential. It was very interesting to examine all of the different aspects of the project such as government regulations, energy loss, pollution that could be created from burning plastic, and other issues that arose during our research.  


You're hosting an intimate dinner party. Select three guests you would invite.  

Michael Pollan (his outlook on the food industry is amazing), Elon Musk (I would love to hear all of his amazing ideas), and Sally Ride (first woman in space, aka goals) 

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