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The GREEN Program is passionate about building a growing community of individuals committed to sustainable development and positive social impact. In fact, many people first hear about The GREEN Program through an alumnus or environmental advocate in their communities.

To say thank you for referring others to our educational programs abroad, we have a rewards program that allows TGP alumni, registered students, and students accepted to the program to earn their next adventure on us. 

The details

How does the program work?

Everyone has a personal sharing link which they can access through their student portal in the "Refer a Friend" section. Once a person you refer secures their spot on our program using your personal link, you'll be credited for your referral and you'll be one step closer to your adventure with us. 

On behalf of the entire GREEN Program Team, thank you for sharing TGP with your community and helping the next group of students experience the meaning of #onlyonthegreenprogram!

What are the rewards?

After you refer one student who secures their spot on a program, we will take $50 off your program fee or issue you $50 in cash (via PayPal). Once you refer 5 students, you will earn half off the price of a GREEN program. After you refer 10 students, your GREEN Program fee will be free! You have one year after you make your first referral to earn a free program. 

Please note: Rewards beyond the $50 payment will be paid after the referred students have reached the 30-day window prior to the start of their program. Our referral program and rewards are subject to all details outlined in our terms and conditions.

How do you keep track of people I refer?

Once a student you referred secures their spot(s), your number of referrals will be reflected in your student portal. If you have questions about your referral number or individuals you've referred, please reach out to Lauren directly at: info@thegreenprogram.com.

What are the best tips for success?

You may be surprised to know that most TGP students hear about the program through a department newsletter or through a friend. Because of this, our number one tip for success is asking supporters in your network (advisors, professors, and department administrators), if they can share information about our programs with their department. You can find a template for this kind of email in your student portal under the "Refer a friend" section. Here a few other successful methods:

-Speaking at student organization meetings

-Talking at the beginning of classes

-Sharing information on social media and in online university groups

-Flyering on campus

-Hosting an info session

If you would like assistance in setting up these types of talks or more tips for success, please email Lauren at lauren@thegreenprogram.com.

For more information or assistance with referral questions, please contact: info@thegreenprogram.com

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