10-Day Promise

We don’t want students to choose between a job, internship, or a study abroad experience. We want them to do it all.

We help students maximize their winter, spring, and summer breaks by providing them with meaningful global experiences in just 8-10 days. 


No matter where you travel with The GREEN Program, our educational model and career-accelerating program outcomes are the same. This is our 10-day promise.


Education for Sustainable Development

Through experiential education, we are committed to helping advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by offering students and young professionals with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the most pressing issues facing our world today. You can read more about this partnership here.

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Exclusive Industry Access

Industry Professionals

Learn from world-renowned, award-winning scientists, pioneers, and industry professionals

Exclusive Access

Gain private access into leading energy and industry facilities around the world

World-class Facilities

Explore the leading energy facilities native to our program destinations

Cutting-edge academics

We believe that education is the first step in creating opportunity and change.

We partner with world-renowned, accredited universities to develop innovative curriculum.


Bucketlist adventure & culture

The adventure element of The GREEN Program empowers students to grasp creative leadership, teamwork, personal growth, and to step outside their comfort zone. Through awe-inspiring adventures and authentic cultural experiences, you'll want to get your bucket list ready

Beyond the classroom: These students are redefining impactful travel

Career Acceleration

With experience, proficiency, and collaboration at the core of our programs,
we want to help you get to where you want to go. 

Enhance your team-building experiences and advance your communication skill set through an interdisciplinary program centered around entrepreneurship, hands-on learning, and real-time experience with like-minded peers. Bring your studies to life by gaining access into the world’s leading energy facilities led by industry champions who are leading the charge in global sustainable development solutions. Explore your passions, discover your purpose, and act on your thirst for knowledge with a program designed to push your comfort zone. 

Inclusive Itinerary


Food brings people together. We believe it's important for our students to learn about our program destinations through local, authentic cuisine.


Students stay in local style guesthouses throughout their time abroad with us.

In-country Transportation

With a jam-packed itinerary each day, we're always on the go! All GREEN Programs include in-country transportation for our students.

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Community Engagement

Engage and work alongside members of local communities to bring sustainable development solutions to life.


"While the adventures and excursions were what initially drew me to The GREEN Program, the most important thing I have experienced on my program is the people.  I feel like we were able to have an impact on the community.  Volunteering with the local elementary school in Peru will be one of the brightest memories for me. It allowed me to really engage our newfound knowledge and experiences we have been given. It is my hope that we will be able to utilize this knowledge to better this community and others in the future. I feel inspired and empowered to steadfastedly pursue my goals."

Sage M., University of Louisville, Bioengineering

Alumni Benefits


Join a community of more than 3,000 sustainability-focused young professionals from more than 470 universities across 70 countries.

Professional Development

Receive career updates with sustainability-related job and intership openings


Continue to travel with TGP on Alumni Reunions and through GREEN Mentor program

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