We get it. 


We were once students, too. Studying abroad is a big decision to make, and finances are certainly a part of the travel puzzle. Having been in your shoes before, we understand where you’re coming from and want to do our best to give every participant and interested student the resources they need to make The GREEN Program happen. 


As you can imagine, many of our students reach out to us with financial concerns and inquiries about resources available to offset the cost of our programs. From strong university partnerships and third-party funding opportunities, to on-campus faculty connections and TGP Alumni support, to direct scholarship opportunities in partnership with like-minded organizations around the world, the TGP Team understands and is here to help.

Accepted participants of The GREEN Program gain access to:


Expert advice on working with universities to leverage scholarships, grants, and financial aid

News on enrollment opportunities,
funding options, and program updates

TGP Alumni connections and recommendations

from GREEN students themselves

Best practices for crowdfunding

including tutorials and case studies

TGP's Advocate Program

and accompanying resources

Eligibility and access to

The GREEN Scholars Program


Not an accepted student? No problem! 

Apply today to get your GREEN adventure started and to unlock these resources. 

University Funding

Eager to help students to go abroad, reaching out to your university is always our first recommendation. From department funding, to study abroad scholarships, to financial aid, we encourage students to explore the possibilities at their home institution.

Let’s help you get started! The following table represents funding opportunities fellow students have utilized through their university as researched by our GREEN Team. 

*If you do not see your university or eligible grants or scholarships in the below table, the TGP Team can provide guidance on who to engage at your university and how to prepare for those conversations. 

Since you're viewing this on mobile, you will need to scroll the funding table down and over to see all the data.

International and National Funding Databases


International Scholarships & Financial Aid - Explore IEFA's database

IEFA is the premier resource for college scholarship and grant information for students wishing to study abroad.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators - Explore NAFSA's database

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world's largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange.

The GREEN Scholars Program

At The GREEN Program, we are proud to provide financial assistance for sustainability leaders to participate in GREEN programs abroad. In partnership with like-minded companies and organizations, TGP's Scholars Program offers competitive opportunities for motivated students who represent disadvantaged, low-income, and underrepresented backgrounds to receive partial and full scholarship opportunities.


Please be sure to review each scholarship opportunity on our scholarship application page to determine which scholarship opportunity is the best fit for you and your needs.  Eligible candidates must be an accepted student of The GREEN Program to be considered.

You can apply for TGP here:

The GREEN Program Application

You can access the scholarship application here:

The GREEN Scholars Program

Innovative Resources

Become a TGP Advocate

To say thank you for helping us build our community, students can earn reduced program fees by referring others to our educational adventures. We provide resources and support to make the process easy. Learn more here.

Fundraising Platforms | Crowdfunding & Student Organizations

Are you an active member of your on-campus community? Another option we always recommend is looking to student organizations and outside sources of fundraising. Students use platforms such as GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and others, to create social sharing campaigns highlighting projects you’re passionate about becoming involved in but need some assistance to make it happen.


*Not sure how to start a crowdfunding campaign? The TGP Team can advise you on building out your campaign, provide Alumni crowdfunding examples, guide you on goal setting, and more! 

Military or Veteran Student 

Utilize the GI Bill to help you travel. As an accredited course veteran and military students have utilized the GI Bill to cover their program costs.

Internship or Job 

Students have been sponsored by their current jobs to attend the program. With the intention of coming back from experiential opportunities like TGP with a new sense of purpose, direction, and motivation, companies believe that students will come back more educated and a stronger asset to their internal team.

Recent GREEN Scholars

GREEN Scholar

Tymber F.

North Carolina State University

International Studies, Global Sustainability and Development

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GREEN Scholar

Ramon C.

California Polytechnic State University

Electrical Engineering

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GREEN Scholar

Amy M.

Florida International University

Environmental Science

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GREEN Scholar

Camille M.

Michigan State University

Environmental Engineering, PhD

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GREEN Scholar

Rosemary N.

The College of New Jersey

Civil Engineering

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