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In The News | November 10th, 2016

Visit to Machu Picchu inspires Maya Goldman to walk in the footsteps of Incan engineers

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In The News | October 20th, 2016

College of Natural Resources News: Green with Passion

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In The News | September 27th, 2016

Forbes: Experiential Learning Focused On The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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Photo: Samuel Joseph Evers

Alumni Profile

Samuel Joseph Evers

Lehigh University

Environmental Engineering And Sustainable Development

"I want to help people use Earth`s resources more efficiently and in lesser amounts. More, specifically, I aspire to contribute to the creation of food systems which bolster food security, preserve ecosystem services for future generations, and provide jobs."

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Education Abroad. Redefined. Reinvented.
Blog   |  August 31st, 2016

Gap Years: a Bad Reputation but a Good Experience

Tis the season for high school graduations! Many members of the class of 2016 are most likely swarming Target and Bed Bath & Beyond to buy all the essentials for their first...

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Blog | July 14th, 2018

Scratching the surface of the 15-year SDGs Agenda of 2030: Are we on track?

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Blog | July 2nd, 2018

Proactivity is the key to progress

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Blog | May 7th, 2018

Talk Nerdy to Me - Nuclear Energy debate

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Blog | April 23rd, 2018

TGP's LinkedIn Tips

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Blog | April 23rd, 2018

How to showcase your TGP experience on your resume

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Photo: Emma Menio

Alumni Profile

Emma Menio

Dartmouth College

Earth Sciences

"I would really like for our waters to be clean and accessible, the earth to be healthy, and for people to laugh more. Sounds like I have a lifetime of work ahead of me!"

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