Sol·air aims to manufacture hybrid private jets that run on solar-generated electricity and biodiesel. PV solar panels will be mounted on the wings to generate in-flight power and maintain charge in electric motors. Solar PV power works with the biodiesel to help reduce the aviation industry’s greenhouse gas emissions and impact on the environment.

Meet the team

Teni Butler

Aaron Leslie

Andrew Miller

Jordan Romig

Larissa Rowe

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Sustainable Education in Nepal

CapstoneOverviewCreate progressive environmental education that teaches community members solutions to their own environmental challenges and provides opportunities for sustainable vocational training. Meet the teamSee another Capstone profile

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Silica as a Waste Product

CapstoneOverviewTurn a profit on a waste product (silica) of a renewable energy process to encourage the further development of that renewable energy in an area with little to no geothermal energy present. Meet the teamSee another Capstone profile

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Sustainability Access Alliance

CapstoneOverviewEstablish a nonprofit organization that works to achieve equitable outcomes in Camden, NJ by providing classes, private consultations, application aid, and translation services in order to increase the awareness of energy efficiency. Meet the team[pdf...

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