What makes American culture?
Offer people healthy food in a fast pace society at reasonable prices. Along with incorporating practices of sustainability in every aspect of our restaurants so that they can be inspiration and set the new standard of fast food restaurants across America.

Meet the team

Jacqueline Roa

Pennsylvania State University

Jorge Ruiz

New Jersey City University

Henry Quiroa

Fairleigh Dickenson University

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CapstoneOverviewDeveloping a feasible algal based biomass process to sustainably create biofuel using geothermal energy and recapturing CO2 and taking organic matter byproducts to convert into useful additional products. Meet the teamSee another...

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Geothermal Systems in Texas

CapstoneOverviewHarness geothermal energy for Texas communities using EGS technology on abandoned oil wells to increase the use of geothermal energy in Texas and combat Texas's high fossil fuel consumption. Meet the teamSee another Capstone profile

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