The Power of Shared Goals - Kathmandu University

From all of the incredible people that I met through this experience, I gained hope for the future. We all recognize the threat of climate destabilization, the impact humans have on the environment, the necessity of renewable energy sources, and the importance of sustainability. I learned many lessons from each individual, but what is most poignant to me is that we all care.

Meet Georgia

Two-time GREEN Alumna

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability
May 2019

Nepal: Microgrid Systems for Rural Development December 2019

North Carolina State University Class of 2021
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 GREEN Ambassador

Patan Durbar Square, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nepal

"This study abroad experience taught me much more about life, energy, the environment, and global communities than I ever could have imagined."

On my second trip with The GREEN Program and my first ever trip to Nepal, I learned so much about Nepali culture and history, rural development, microgrid systems and their effects on communities. I experienced learning in many different forms including outstanding lectures from Kathmandu University’s greatest professors, brilliant demonstrations and guided practice from solar industry experts, hands on work installing a ground water pump and a 5.9 kW solar micro grid, through collaboration and modeling a business for the capstone project, as well as local teachings from our incredible guides, hosts, and peers.

Views of Kathmandu Valley

Georgia and her guide Erla


Local Village Homestay and Micro-grid Installation

On the field of the rural village I grew to know the power of a shared goal. I saw the unity of our shared efforts cross boundaries of language and culture. I was as much a student during the microgrid installation as a worker, just like the local villagers who joined in to help out. But I’m sure I learned more from them than they learned from me.

The GivePower crew did an excellent job of delegating work equally so that the project would get done efficiently and everyone would have a hand in the process. Not only did I get to learn practical construction techniques, but I got to witness the benefit of our hard work. Seeing the water flow from the top of the irrigation pipe was the greatest reward. And from visiting nearby villages with their own sustainable microgrids, I had a broader perspective of how the solar power system and improved irrigation system would benefit the village.



Capstone Projects


Through the capstone project, I learned both about the struggles of creating simple and marketable solutions for today’s problems, and how to make the best of what resources are available to you. With limited Wi-Fi and technology access, we had to readily adapt our problem-solving process. Thankfully, we were able to apply knowledge from our own unique experiences as well a new knowledge from our recent KU lectures and GivePower teachings to create a sustainable energy solution that would reach across all economic levels.

"This study abroad has been the most rewarding, humbling, and empowering learning experience of my lifetime."

Text and images by:
Georgia Hanby and The GREEN Program

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