The Global GREEN Ambassador Program

The Global GREEN Ambassador Program is an all-star cohort of GREEN alumni committed to education, sustainability, and adventure. Ambassadors are forward-thinking alumni inspired to stay active in the GREEN community and eager to share The GREEN Program philosophy and mission on their campuses and in their communities. We competitively select a class of GREEN Ambassadors to be our liaisons on campuses across the world each semester.



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Meet our Fall 2020 Ambassadors

Photo: Georgia Hanby

Alumni Profile

Georgia Hanby

North Carolina State University

Mechanical Engineering

"This study abroad experience taught me much more about life, energy, the environment, and global communities than I ever could have imagined."

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Photo: Molly Swanson

Alumni Profile

Molly Swanson

Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University

Industrial And Systems Engineering

"The GREEN Program had a large focus on a topic I was interested in and wanted to learn more about, and I had the opportunity to learn about sustainability in an immersive environment."

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Photo: Ashley Forwood

Alumni Profile

Ashley Forwood

Antioch University - New England

International Sustainable Development & Climate Change (ms)

"Living in a city that backs right up to wetlands and beaches, I always had love for the natural environment."

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Photo: Carmen Pemsler

Alumni Profile

Carmen Pemsler

Boise State University

Civil Engineering

"Seeing Machu Picchu will be forever in my memory and it was one of the best moments of my life."

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Photo: Daniel Ricketts

Alumni Profile

Daniel Ricketts

North Carolina State University

Mechanical Engineering

"Before The GREEN Program, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life. This program inspired me to pursue a path in sustainable energy, specifically hydro electric."

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Photo: Kayla Aughenbaugh

Alumni Profile

Kayla Aughenbaugh

Drexel University


"Taking classes at Reykjavik University while being immersed in nature helped solidify my thoughts of an ideal career path post graduation."

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Photo: Rhys Phillips

Alumni Profile

Rhys Phillips

University Of Bath

Civil Engineering

"TGP has been instrumental in solidifying my desire to work within sustainability and focused my interests on human-centric sustainable development."

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Photo: Lionel Wang

Alumni Profile

Lionel Wang

Monash University

Civil Engineering And Finance

"I will always hold my Iceland trip close to my heart, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

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Photo: Mariana Moreno-Nava

Alumni Profile

Mariana Moreno-Nava

University Of Michigan

Chemical Engineering, Minor In Entrepreneurship

"I have learned that many other components are involved in sustainable practices such as policies, economics, and education."

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Photo: Katie Wei

Alumni Profile

Katie Wei

University Of Michigan

Chemical Engineering With A Minor In Materials Science

"Learning about renewable energy resources in an immersive environment was very engaging and I realized that I wanted to continue studying sustainability related topics at university!"

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Photo: Austin Aigner

Alumni Profile

Austin Aigner

Iowa State University

Civil Engineering

"TGP opened my eyes to what direction I would like to take my Civil Engineering major once I graduate."

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Photo: Joe Thompson IV

Alumni Profile

Joe Thompson IV

Pennsylvania State University

Energy And Sustainability Policy

"I want to travel to the developing world to help establish clean water access and management."

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Photo: Lucinda Toppen

Alumni Profile

Lucinda Toppen

Michigan Technological University

Environmental Engineering

"This trip opened my eyes to how understanding a culture enables sustainable infrastructure and practices to take place and make meaningful change."

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Photo: Malary Hiney

Alumni Profile

Malary Hiney

Michigen Technological University

Biomedical Engineering

"Thanks to TGP I have gained a new passion for sustainability and cannot wait to incorporate it into my future career!"

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Photo: Joseph Kulczyk

Alumni Profile

Joseph Kulczyk

Suny Buffalo

Chemical Engineering

"TGP helped me realize how much potential we have in this world to develop our sources of green energy."

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Photo: Riley Brown

Alumni Profile

Riley Brown

Clemson University

Construction Science

"Going on The GREEN Program made me realize I wanted to implement sustainability into Construction."

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Photo: Alexander Underwood

Alumni Profile

Alexander Underwood

California State University - Sacramento

Electrical Engineering

"Going to Iceland with TGP was life changing, it inspired me to dedicate my engineering career to sustainability."

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Photo: Katalina Salas

Alumni Profile

Katalina Salas

University Of Texas - El Paso

Environmental Science And Engineering, Phd

"My experience in Peru solidified my graduate work to focus on water."

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What is a GREEN Ambassador?

  • Alumni of The GREEN Program ready to hit the ground running after their GREEN adventure, elevate their leadership on campus, and gain invaluable professional experience while still in school

  • Pumped to share their GREEN experience with other students while standing out among their peers as an advocate for sustainable development, experiential education, and of course, adventure!

  • Campus hustlers energized by connecting with friends, professors, and new networks on campus

What do Ambassadors do?

  • Host an info session where you'll showcase your TGP experience and passion for sustainability

  • Connect with students on your campus that are interested in learning more about TGP or hearing about your experience

  • Help HQ connect with faculty and staff on your campus that might be interested in learning more or working with TGP

  • Share exclusive TGP news, updates, and announcements with your community

  • Support from a dedicated member of HQ to ensure your success

What are the benefits? 

  • Super-charge your resume with professional experience, leadership development, and community organizing skills in a field you’re passionate about all while being a rockstar on campus

  • Join a close-knit global community of like-minded changemakers who share a passion for sustainability, education, and travel

  • If you refer 5-10 students that secure their spot on TGP you are eligible to earn a future program half off or free

  • Top-performing Ambassadors are eligible to return to mentor GREEN students on future programs, all expenses paid

  • If requested, a letter of recommendation, professional reference, and LinkedIn endorsement after completion


Make me an Ambassador!

Applications are open now for the Spring 2021 Ambassador Class!


To become a GREEN Ambassador you must be an alumnus of the program and currently enrolled at university. If you are a recent graduate, please let us know if you would like to remain involved with TGP and we'll be in touch with opportunites for young professionals.


To apply, complete this form by Sunday, January 3rd at 11:59 ET. You will be asked to schedule a 15-20 minute phone interview our team. 


Please note that we have a limited number of Ambassador positions and availability at each university. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we encourage you to apply ASAP. 

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