Partnership Highlight: The GREEN Program & North Carolina State University

The GREEN Program (TGP) is a short-term experiential education and workforce development program for young leaders in sustainable development.

Our model focuses on purposeful, real-world experiences and challenges to cultivate a meaningful learning environment that gives students the tools they need to make positive impacts in the world. We have served over 3,200 students from over 450 universities and 70 countries.

We are experienced in working with educators and faculty to fuse sustainability and experiential education into curriculum. Not only do we help educators use the world as their classroom, but we make developing and managing international education programs easy by directing everything from program student recruitment, registration, travel, logistics to execution. This ensures that educators can focus on what they do best - teaching and mentoring.

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We are enrolling for NCSU students to join two fully funded professional certificate courses this Summer. Apply here today.

TGP & North Carolina State University

Our relationship with NCSU started in 2019 when the Director of Student Engagement in the College of Engineering, Brian Koehler, expressed interest in developing a more official relationship after their college had been sending students for years.

We started by supporting two faculty-led programs to Iceland during NCSU's May mester. One trip was led by Adam Culley in 2018, and one led by Javon Adams in 2019. NCSU usually sends between 10-15 students on the partnership program. We are also an approved program through the NCSU abroad office. 

Since 2019, we've hosted 93 students on travel-based programs in Iceland, Japan, Peru & Nepal, and 9 on our certificate program (below).

"TGP's experiences truly tie together two themes that we encourage from Day #1 here in our Wolfpack family -- High Impact experiences (e.g., International in Iceland) and the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges (e.g., renewable energy)"

- Brian Koehler, Director of COE at NCSU

Virtual Certificate Programs for Professional Advancement in Sustainable Development

TGP and NCSU have been continuing to send students abroad to Iceland during the summer, but with the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, we had to put a hold on this program. Even though travel slowed down, we did not. Wanting to continue to offer students meaningful opportunities to advance their sustainability careers, we launched two-week virtual certificate programs in partnership with industry professionals abroad. NCSU approved funding to bring on a cohort of students to join our Nepal and Peru certificate programs.

Our professional certificate courses are manageable for both University students and young professionals with intensive schedules. The course runs for two hours a night during the evening and students typically commit 2-4 hours a week on the course outside of class hours.

We are so excited to have welcomed 9 NCSU students onto our Winter 2021 Nepal Certificate Program. Let's find out what students are hoping to get out of this course:

For STEM participants: How does this course relate to your existing curriculum? Would you say that it is a beneficial addition? How so?


  • "Being more aware of the ethics of any project introduces a more human side to the project plan and it raises interesting questions to ponder upon. My favorite part about this course was to be able to relate to what we talk about to everyday events, or more personal issues."
  • "I think that it is essential to be discussing ethics because computer science is basically the study on how we can develop the world technologically. We cannot do this if the world is suffering under the weight of poverty and unrest among citizens of nations. Taking this course allowed me to open my mind and think more efficiently on how I can apply my knowledge to helping the world become a more sustainable, safe planet for our future generations. I know it will do the same for others as well."
  • "This course helped me to gain a more humanistic approach to problem-solving as opposed to finding simply technical solutions. It helped me understand that even if I think a solution is good because it solves a problem from an engineering perspective, it might not be the best solution in terms of how it might affect society and communities where the solution would be implemented."
  • "Ethics is a beneficial addition because an engineering major never really looks into the ethics so this was something that will help me be a better person and better engineer"

"Every value, variable and venture of this program has me intrigued and inspired. It’s very rare when you come across an opportunity for travel, education and precise exploration of a topic you are extremely passionate about.

The ability to better understand how to implement renewable sources of energy in a scalable fashion would add value as a future employee who may work in a manufacturing environment which is likely energy-intensive."

- NCSU Student, Industrial Engineering

Upon completion of the GREEN certificate course, participants will receive:

  • A verified smart certificate with job market insights
  • Access to TGP's Alumni Network of over 3,200 sustainability leaders
  • Other alumni exclusive benefits (mentorship, weekly career newsletters, alumni reunions, and more)

Connect with your GREEN Ambassador at NCSU

Georgia Hanby, Mechanical Engineering '21

TGP Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Nepal: Microgrid Systems for Rural Development

Daniel Ricketts, Mechanical Engineering '21

TGP Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation

If you are interested in participating in the next NC State funded TGP certificate course, apply here today.

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