Generocity: Students From Around the World Heading to Philly to Learn Best Sustainability Practices

May 11, 2015

The GREEN Program has hosted more than 1,200 students from around the world in its experiential education programs in places such as Iceland and Peru. Now, its newest program is focused on bringing students from around the world to Philadelphia.

The GREEN program’s Philadelphia-based program officially kicks off this summer, with sustainability-minded students from around the world headed to Philadelphia in July to learn about the best practices in sustainability right in our backyard. Those selected to participate in the Philadelphia experiential education program will explore sustainable design and urban regeneration in Philadelphia.

“For our GREEN Philadelphia program, we are connecting with like-minded companies and organizations of the Philadelphia area who are actively making efforts to operate sustainably and help to promote sustainable practices,” said Adam Phoebe, global program director.

Students will also gain access to other sustainability-focused companies and organizations as well, with trips to The Navy Yard, Lincoln Financial Field, The Barnes Foundation, and PECO GREEN roofs.

The GREEN program’s university partner for the Philadelphia program is Philadelphia University’s Sustainable Design program, which is part of the College of Architecture and Built Environment. The Sustainability Nexus’ Max Zahniser has assisted in co-developing the educational curriculum and will be teaching alongside Philadelphia University professor Robert Fleming.

“The missions of the GREEN Program and The Sustainable Design program aligned beautifully, and is going to make for an impressive educational adventure in our home city,” said Brady Halligan, director of strategic partnerships and enrollment.

The program will also allow students to go on adventure and cultural-based trips in and near the city, including hiking, beach trips, hidden gem city tours, discovering Amish civilization, explorations of Philadelphia, local Philadelphian cuisine and delicacies, networking events with local industry professionals, and more.

“Philadelphia has such a unique culture and history that triumphs many other places where my travels have taken me,” Melissa Lee, co-founder and CEO of the GREEN program said. “Every week during the summer is a different festival, new food to try, new block to explore, or a new sporting event to check out, and great people to meet everywhere you go.”

The program is currently accepting applicants on a rolling basis and already has a mix of student leaders from around the world (including some from the east coast) who will be joining the program.

“From an educational perspective, if students leave this program as motivated and empowered as they leave our other programs in Iceland and Peru and be better equipped for the workforce, we will achieve what we set out to accomplish through our educational model,” Lee added.

Written by Kristen Gillette

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