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Focus: Ethics of Sustainable Development

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Course Information

University: Kathmandu University
Course: Ethics of Sustainable Development
Credit: Smart Certificate
Duration: Two Weeks

Online, live, and engaging. This isn’t your standard online class! Advance your global sustainability experience in just two weeks, from anywhere in the world.

    Join TGP’s online program experience: A two-week, engaging online certificate course. Discover the theories and practices of ethical, sustainable development around the world, with a special focus on developing countries.

    • Understand the cycles and persistence of poverty and inequality
    • Engage in provoking discussions in LIVE classes with a global cohort
    • Advance your career and gain job insights with TGP’s Smart Certificate, and more!
    Course Description

    This online course, “Ethics of Sustainable Development”, provides an introduction to the theories and practice of sustainable development with a special focus on developing countries. Development has been a contested concept and has had its share of controversies. The fact that poverty and inequality in many poor countries has not reduced significantly, in spite of significant international effort, has posed both conceptual and practical problems.

    The recent focus on sustainable development has been a result of alarming environmental and climate degradation, but also because of a conscious effort in advocating for this issue throughout the world. With the intention of teaching this topic from different perspectives and angles, this course will also analyze the critiques of sustainable development too. Students will gain knowledge analyzing various case studies of ethical, human sustainable development around the world.

    At the end of the course, students will apply their newfound knowledge to an entrepreneurial solution at the TGP Capstone Workshop, an agile version of TGP’s Capstone Project.

    Objectives and Outcomes

    The objective of this course is to discover theories of development, study human development indicators and strategies, and engage in provoking conversations around the intersections of ethics and human development with a diverse cohort of sustainability leaders. See below for the course outcomes.

    Nepal Online Program
    Location: Remote, Online Program professor: Dr. Sagar Sharma Focus: Ethics of Sustainable Development

    Program Dates Now Enrolling:

    Nov 6-20, 2023


    Academic credits: Smart Certificate
    Length: Two weeks

    Program Fee:
    Single Pay: $975
    Payment Plan: $255/month for 5 months

    Low Emissions. High Impact.

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    100% Online

    A safe and effective way to gain the knowledge of global sustainability from industry leaders and local professors. Expand your knowledge and experience from anywhere in the world.

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    Whether you’re a university student, gap year student, recent graduate, or young professional, this course welcomes participants who are motivated to gain an introductory course to renewable energy no matter the stage of your profession.

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    Curriculum Highlights

    Gain global perspectives and learn from international faculty from Kathmandu University’s School of Development Studies in Nepal.

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    Course introduction Gain an introduction to the course and explore the questions: What is development? How and why is development contested? Why is there the need for sustainable development?
    sustainable development nepal
    Introduction to sustainable developmentLearn about the drivers of inequality, environmental threats to humankind, and what happens if we continue operating “business as usual”?
    solar power
    Critiquing sustainable developmentThrough various literature reviews, practice critical thinking when analyzing and discussing the critiques of sustainable development.
    city urban landscape
    Foundations of human & economic developmentDiscover the concepts, measures, and policies for the development paradigm, and the intersections of human and economic development.
    poverty sustainability nepal
    Concepts of poverty & inequalityGain an understanding of the concept of human poverty, sustainable development and neo-liberalism paradigms. Why does poverty and inequalities persist?
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    Why Does Ethics Matter in Development?Using energy as a case-study, explore the ethical and moral aspects of energy use, distribution, carbon emissions, and carbon-trade.
    sustainability in nepal
    Global Practices of Sustainable DevelopmentAnalyze and present global case studies of sustainable development: The good, the bad, and the ugly.
    Nepal: Dilemmas of a Developing CountryUsing Nepal as a case study, examine and understand the strategies and challenges of a developing nation.
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    Real-world Solutions: Capstone WorkshopApply your newfound knowledge to a real-world solution for sustainable development.
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    Course Outcomes

    Earn a Smart Certificate built for career impact

    Upon completion, you’ll receive a digital Smart Certificate as your certificate of completion.
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    Meet your professor

    Dr. Sagar Sharma is a professor and former Dean of The School of Arts and The School of Development Studies at Kathmandu University.

    Dr. Sharma has a PhD in Development Economics and specializes in teaching entrepreneurship and development, human dimensions of development, and Nepal’s plans and policies. Dr. Sharma’s area of expertise is in land reform, food security, migration, foreign aid, and development.


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    *Open to students and professionals of all disciplines. Must be at least 18 years old.

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