The GREEN Program 2024 Mentors

Environmental advocates for climate education and a sustainable future 

Advocates for a GREEN generation

Mentors are standout TGP alumni who are on a mission to support future sustainability leaders through experiential education, responsible travel, and adventure.

Accepted TGP students can reach out to our Mentors to: 

  • Hear about their program experience
  • Ask questions about their TGP adventure
  • Gain career advice post-program


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A global community of change-makers

  • Immerse yourself in a life-long community and cultivate a culture of giving back and expanding your professional network.
    • Lifetime connections
    • Limitless opportunity
    • Leveraging career goals

Preparing for impactful stories

“TGP has made a significant impact on me and my career path. I have always been concerned about the environment and finding ways to be sustainable in my daily life.

After I went to Iceland, my whole outlook on life and what I want my career to be changed. I want to be an engineer that makes an impact in the world through engineering and the power system.”- Alex Underwood, TGP Ambassador


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Accepted students get access to mentorship and virtual events with TGP Mentors

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Meet The GREEN Program’s 2024 Mentors:

Connect with a TGP Mentor by Applying Today!


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Alexander “AJ” E.

Clemson University | Construction Science Management

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Catherine “Cate” M.

University of South Florida | Environmental Science & Policy; GIS Minor

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Elizabeth T.

Pennsylvania State University | Earth Sciences

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Emily C.

Bishop’s University | Environmental Studies; French and Sustainable Agriculture Food Systems Minors

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Jared H.

Virginia Tech | Business Information Technology; Astrology and Computer Science Minors


Jon-Marc M.

University of Texas at Austin | Chemical Engineering PhD

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Maggie B.

University of Cincinnati | Mechanical Engineering Technology


What Does a TGP Mentor Do?

TGP Mentors are official liaisons between the TGP HQ team and their respective community. They are responsible for advocating for sustainability education, co-hosting community events, and mentoring TGP students. Mentors are esteemed alumni who are available to talk about their program experience and answer questions about their TGP adventure.

Who can become a TGP Mentor?

The TGP Mentorship program is only open to TGP alumni who have completed a TGP program or course, abroad or online. We seek motivated individuals who are active leaders in their community and are eager to progress TGP’s mission of sustainability education forward. Mentors may be university students, graduate students, or young professionals in the field. Contact [email protected] if you’d like to become a TGP Mentor.

How Do I Connect with a Mentor to Hear About Their TGP Experience?

It’s easy! Take a look at our list of Mentors below and reach out to one of them via email. Regardless of your university, major, or level of sustainability experience, any one of our amazing TGP Mentors will be more than happy to chat with you. You are also not limited to only reaching out to one Mentor! See another alumni with a similar career path? Have a club in common on your campus? Feel free to send them an email too!



Accepted students get access to mentorship and virtual events with TGP Mentors

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