Part VI: Future Trends

Do something different now. 

During class, you’re probably deep into textbooks and diving into the technical aspects of your studies. For the sake of The GREEN Program experience, we want you to zoom out – way out – into the big picture of what is happening in the world in regards to sustainability initiatives. Let’s take a look at some future trends that should get you excited for what’s to come, we know we are!

State of Green Business Report

To start, this State of Green Business report was published and has everything you need to know about how topics such as sustainability, water initiatives, energy production, corporate leadership, food sustainability, etc. are being addressed in the business world. 

Each year GreenBiz and Trucost produces sustainability metrics when they “hold up a mirror to the world of business and sustainability to take an accounting of how well it is, or isn’t, doing.”

Food for thought: Wars on Water 

Popular Science produced a heatmap that went viral of 2,000 incidents which have involved both conflict and collaboration between 1990 to 2008. This map really drives the fact home that we need to figure out a way to reverse or stop the damages from climate change, and serves as food for thought to keep in and motivation for your studies and professional endeavors moving forward.  


How GenY is Changing the Game  

The Unexpected Sustainability of GenY Kristin Heist of Huffington Post Impact did a great job getting us riled up from her first sentence of her blog post: “Gen Y has been accused of being selfish, lazy and bad recyclers–hardly poster children of an environmentally sustainable future.” However, she quickly turns it around by writing about how our generation of millennials are actually turning things around and driving demand that businesses are taking note of. As a whole, this article proves to us that we really are making change, even if it is happening one person at a time. So many of us are doing something towards sustainability on our own, that it builds into this seemingly superpower that is changing the frameworks of how businesses are being conducted down to the socially-responsible, eco-friendly packaging they decide to use next. So if you don’t think it’s possible, think again. There is a power in numbers, and sustainability is a trend that the world is backing due to your demand.  Nice work.

Kristin Heist’s article can be found here.

Part VI: Actionable Items


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