It's an Alumni Takeover



If you’re reading this, you’re in for a journey.

I’m not going to introduce myself because I’ll be staying anonymous throughout this new summer blog series. Just know that I’m a 20-something, recent graduate, a TGP alum, and millenial with a serious concern for where our world is headed in regards to sustainable development. This summer, I’ll be giving you my unfiltered thoughts and real reactions to this ever-changing world and climate that we are going through right here on a weekly TGP blog.

"This series  will mimic a Scorsese film, starting in the middle and then bouncing back to the beginning, before almost reaching the end, and then avalanche back to the middle and now I am just rambling and I am not sure how this sentence is going to end.. all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride."


This summer I will be bringing you blogs on issues in sustainability, climate change, topical content with what is going on in popular culture, and everything in between! My writing style (as you may have picked up on) is completely authentic and conversational. The pieces are going to include a lot of my own opinions that I have drawn, but that is only because I want to spark debate and conversation! My grammar ain’t the bestest but hey. 

It is my mission, nay, my duty, to inspire people (hell, I’ll take inspiring just one person) to live a better life for themselves. Scouts honor:

Why I'm doing this.


Passion. Hope. Humor.

There are so many reasons why I am here, and above all is experiencing Iceland with TGP. It was truly a life changing experience and opened my eyes to the beauty I had been taking for granted my whole life. I always enjoyed nature, but I never realized how much we could be destroying it.. I appreciated it as it was right now without thinking about where it would be in the future. THAT is why we are here. That F-u word everyone hates to think and talk about. The Future. What does my decision to eat this entire Jacks Pizza (tbh every Jack’s pizza is a personal pizza… also, no free ads.. Jack’s cut the check.) and polish off a few cold ones mean about my tomorrow.. It means that tomorrow I will more than likely feel like shit..


Well right now Motha Nature is on the biggest bender of her life and we could be moving into a comatose state of permanent hangover. I am here because I love this sexy little sphere we spin around on. I am here because I, like many people, was not well informed about the adverse effects of coal and plastic, or the processes of carbon capture and storage and the future of transportation. I am here to make learning fun! Like that English teacher who got you interested in reading because of their passion for the art of literature, or that science teacher who blew something stuff up to teach you hydrocarbon and oxygen’s combine to go boom and produce heat, water, and carbon dioxide. This is why I am here rambling on like Robert Plant (get it… cuz plant = nature, I am too good at this) *pats own back*

I am a writer of the people and I also want to hear what you want to know about! Comments section is open here so drop by and leave me a message on something you want me to write about!




“Party Shades On” – not Bill Nye, but me.. again.. just now

Let’s jump into this. Read my first blog to get the 411 and my thoughts on greenwashing!

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