Head Start with Engineering Internships

Here at The GREEN Team, we know experience is invaluable. While textbook knowledge and classroom environments are traditional, working methods for learning, it’s simply not enough. There is something to be said for having the opportunity to get up close and personal with your academics, interests, and passions: it is a critical step that is missing from academics. So, cue The GREEN Program. 

"Ante Kovacevic thought he knew what career he wanted, but an internship put him on the right path.Originally a civil engineering major, Kovacevic discovered that it wasn’t right for him after interning at a company that designs cell towers. He found a better fit in mechanical engineering and has an internship lined up this summer with the GREEN Program, exploring renewable energy initiatives in Costa Rica.

'Having an internship really helps in terms of seeing where you want to go in life,' said Kovacevic, a junior, 'It made me realize that switching my major was a really good idea. Students should do internships as soon as possible."

Written by: Christy Levy
April 30, 2013

You can read the full story, Head Start with Engineering Internships, here: 

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