Get To Know GREENie: Aoife Considine


Jan 20, 2022

“Even six years on, I know I have a network of incredible individuals I can call upon for support.”
-Aoife Considine
TGP Alum, Iceland 2014

Amplifying Sustainability at Amazon

Aoife Considine is one of our global GREENies who admirably continues to leave her mark on the world. Since her time with TGP, she has continued to flourish and grow both personally and professionally. She recently completed an MBA program at Imperial College Business School in London where she completed modules in green investing and Smart Cities. Now she works as an Operations Manager for Amazon where she consistently sees a constant drive for efficiency, renewable energy, and recycling.

“Sustainability has always been something I approach all problems with,” Aoife says that even in her career now she always strives to look for the right solution which has to be a sustainable one despite how difficult it might be to go after. As a Mechanical Engineering student, Aoife dove right into public transport after graduation as a Railway Engineer on the London Underground. Through her work as an engineer she was able to be hands-on with one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to get around the capital city. She even appeared on two engineering-based TV shows in the UK- “Escape” on Channel 4 and “Extreme Engineering” on Yesterday.

Exploring new approaches to sustainability

Aoife is forever grateful to TGP for opening her eyes to a new approach in sustainability. She mentions that initially, she was most excited to explore Iceland in general but once on the program she realized it was the unique aspect of the academic explorations that truly made her program experience. One of her biggest takeaways from her time in Iceland was learning about renewable energy alternatives in a live environment, but also having the opportunity to learn alongside students from all over the world. Being at the in-between point of graduation and the professional world, Aoife says that “exposure to other cultures and different ways of thinking was pivotal” to her and TGP will always hold a special place in her heart. 

Aoife’s tips for new alumni:

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out 
  • Network with people from another program 
  • Ask questions!

Learn more about the TGP Iceland program that Aoife participated on HERE.

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