A Day in the Life of The GREEN Program

As I’m sure you can imagine, each of our students & participants have a unique experience on our abroad programs. No two students are the same, so no two experiences are the same. Every GREEN student walks away from our program with their own #onlyontheGREENprogram story. What’s their GREEN story? That is ultimately up to them to write. 

While these experiences are one-of-a-kind for our GREEN adventurers, our educational model remains constant. At its core is a reverence for experiential education and the knowledge that allowing students to get up close and personal with their studies, interests, and passions through direct industry exposure. Our recognized model infuses hands-on education with industry exposure, with cultural immersion & adrenaline-pumping adventure, likemindedness & community involvement, and professional networking & development. In fact, our students often say that their GREEN experience is “A Semester’s Worth Of Experience Within One Of The Best Weeks Of My Life.

Here from other GREEN Alum about their favorite portions of their GREEN adventures with us abroad:  

“I participated in the most engaging and directly relevant classes of my educational career, I was given invaluable hands-on experience of our classroom learning through site visits where I could ask questions to industry professionals and gain a full understanding of what we’d been taught.”

Tom N., U of Edinburgh, Chemistry

Industry Exposure 
“This program has opened my eyes to not only a new culture, but a new culture that sustains itself on mostly renewable energy. I loved the opportunity to get a first-hand experience these processes such as geothermal biodiesel and hydropower energies. Being able to attend class, and then see the systems in the field is a first-hand experience that doesn't come often. This program will help me to advance in my field.”

Belinda V., University of New Hampshire, Mechanical Engineering 

"You will do more on this program that you can possibly imagine. Even after reading the itinerary extensively, I was not prepared for the experiences simply because they were too amazing to imagine. The week is filled with countless adventures the will make you feel alive.”

Erin G., Pennsylvania State University, Childhood & Early Adolescent Education

Career Development 
“An important insight I gained was the confirmation that I needed that I had chose the right academic track. My outrage at the poor waste management system causing garbage to litter once beautiful rivers, my enchantment with the masterful construction and building techniques of the Inca seen during the visit to Machu Picchu, and my excitement at seeing the inner workings of the dam and hydroelectric plant. I realized how passionate I am about civil engineering and how many possibilities in the industry I will have to make a difference in society and in peoples lives. [The GREEN Program, Peru] helped me put my priorities and goals for future leadership and career path into perspective, so I am always thinking about what more I can do to help move the world on a more sustainable path.”

Maya G., Georgia Tech, Civil Engineering

Sense of community & likemindedness
What truly puts this program over the top is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be surrounded by [a group of] like-minded people all striving to protect, help, clean the Earth in one form or fashion or another. The people I met on this trip are some of the smartest, passionate, and kindest people I've met on any of my trips or at home. The opportunity to spend 10 days with them was a dream come true.” 

Brian P., Lafayette College, Environmental Geology & Environmental Science

Capstone Projects 
"The GREEN Program allows students to explore a new field of study by applying their existing knowledge from their degree, learning new viewpoints from other students in different majors, and learning new aspects about themselves in the process… I think all students walk away from the Capstone Project with a better understanding on how to problem solve and apply what we’ve been leaning in school for years. Capstone Projects are challenging, but they prepare you for a career that c  an impact the world.”

Emilie G., Colorado School of Mines, Geology & Geological Engineering

Cultural Immersion 
"This trip has opened my eyes to a world and culture I didn’t know existed, and don’t think I could have taken from photographs alone. What you guys [do on your trips] is expose students to things that most tourists never see. This trip has been an incredible journey for me, and has reinforced my love for study abroad programs, culture, travel and lifelong learning.”

Emily F., Pennsylvania State University, Materials Science 

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