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Welcome to The GREEN Program's application. We're excited you're applying to join us on an upcoming adventure. Before you get started, here are a few tips to help you rock your application:

To travel with us, you must be more than 18 years of age at the time of your program.

We know there is more to your story and abilities other than GPA so we do not ask for it in the application.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and spots fill on a fist-come, first-served basis upon acceptance. You can expect to hear from our team regarding your application within 48 hours.

Tell us about yourself

We want to get to know you! Introduce yourself and tell us where you are studying and/or working. You do not need to be enrolled in a university program to participate.

With applications from 470 universities and 70 countries around the world, we hope you’ll join our epic global community of social-impact driven leaders!

About You

How can we reach you?

We want to keep you in the loop. What is the best way to get in touch for TGP updates and your application decision?

How To Reach You
Social Media Handles

What brought you here?

Inspired by the diversity and interdisciplinary backgrounds of our participants, we are proud to foster a global community representing 120 fields of study from Engineering to Art History. So, why is TGP right for you?

"This program was the most adventurous thing I've done in a long time. The program was life-altering in so many ways and there's not a day that goes by where I'm not reminded of how lucky I was to have been one of the students selected to participate. The opportunity to work and learn beside such a diverse and brilliant group of minds incited a period of personal growth that I still find hard to believe transpired in a mere ten days. I knew that the coursework was going to be comprehensive and riveting, but the most gratifying surprise was the community I forged along the way."

- Billy Haug | Fordham University | Engineering Physics

Why TGP?

What programs are you applying for?

99% of GREEN alumni say that The GREEN Program has refined their purpose: professionally, personally, academically. How can we help you get to where you want to go?

Please select all the programs you would like to apply for.

Iceland: Renewable Energy and Sustainability
Peru: Water Resource Management and Sustainable Practices
Japan: Disaster Mitigation and Nuclear to Renewable Transitions
Nepal: Microgrid Systems for Rural Development

Tip: Not seeing the program date or season you’re looking for? No worries! You are welcome to apply for a future program. If you are accepted into a future program, you will be considered an accepted student of TGP and will be the first to know of the exact upcoming dates once they are released.


Tell us what your resume does not

Be personal with your answers and don’t shy away from describing your personality, vulnerabilities, and goals. Be true to yourself and your passions. How will TGP become a part of your story?

"By applying to this program you've already made a huge leap for your future. You've chosen to dive into a completely new world with new people in a new place and it'll change you. You'll expand your mind about topics and get hands on experience in what really matters in this world. You're going to love the people you meet and you'll never want to leave the place you pick."

-Jessie Searle | Loyola University - Maryland | Business, Marketing

Your Story
You’re in good company. 1:4 TGP participants are also first-time travelers!

Who in your life will be supporting you in your TGP experience?

Is there a friend, guardian, parent, or organization who/that will be helping you make your abroad experience possible? If so, we want to make sure they get the inside scoop on your upcoming TGP adventure.

Will there be anyone helping to support your TGP experience?

Why do you rock?

Our programs attract students and young leaders who are curious about the world, are seeking opportunities to break out of their comfort zones, and want to stand out amongst their peers as global citizens. Tell us how you are seizing adventures.

Fun Fact: TGP Alumni credit their GREEN Program experience for helping them attain their careers at organizations such as General Electric, SpaceX, Tesla, Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and more.

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