What you need to know about The GREEN Program

Tell me more about The GREEN Program 

Since 2009, The GREEN Program (TGP) serves to bridge the gap between traditional textbook learning and career development for positive change through our short-term, accredited, experiential education programs abroad. With the launch of the SDGs, we are fusing the UN’s 17 Global Goals framework with The GREEN Program’s model to continue exposing students to sustainability challenges and initiatives around the world. The GREEN Program unlocks doors for students to gain exclusive education, industry access, and authentic bucket-list experiences around the world.

Regardless of your program destination and focus, the one-of-a-kind GREEN Program educational model remains constant. At its core is a reverence for experiential education and the knowledge that allowing students to get up close and personal with their studies, interests, and passions through direct industry exposure does something transformative. Our educational model is so successful we are proud to say that 99% of the GREEN Alumni community says that their GREEN experience has helped them in defining their purpose: personally, professionally, or academically. 


Education Abroad. Redefined. Reinvented.

Why we exist & who we exist for 

We exist to give the not-so-average student the not-so-average study abroad experience. We believe that classroom learning is not enough in and of itself. We believe that students and young professionals need hands-on access to the sustainable development industry of interest before graduating from university. There is immense importance in bringing textbook knowledge to life. This type of education is transformative (and necessary). 

We exist to use the world as our classroom in order to give meaning and purpose to education, adventure, and life.

Our short-term, 8 to 10 day programs attracts students who are curious about the world and seek opportunities to adventure, break out of their comfort zone, and stand out among their peers as global citizens. Whatever their ambition might be, our participants have one underlying mission in common: they have consciously chosen to pursue a future of possibilities and are determined to be part of the solutions toward a better world.

Meet The GREEN Program Alumni Network & Community  

At GREEN, we believe that there is power in our numbers. Over the past 7 years, more than 1,800 students from 300+ universities and 40+ countries around the world, have been continuously learning, adventuring, traveling, discovering, and inspiring alongside our team. 

Our programs are open to students and young professionals around the world. Each GREEN program encompasses an eclectic mix participants who have their own unique (and inspiring) story: hometown & culture, university & major, career aspirations & ambitions, travel #goals, and more. 

Did you know that our students represent more than 100 majors?

We encourage you to check out the “Faces of the Future,” where you’ll get sneak peek into the lives of The GREEN Program community. Here you’ll hear from our students about their GREEN program experience, what made them join the program, what they’re up to now, and what drives their passion for sustainable development.   

We help you maximize your winter, spring, and summer breaks and allow you to get a fulfilling study abroad experience within just 8-10 days so you can still pursue that awesome internship you’ve been eyeing, or summer classes you need to squeeze in to make sure you graduate on time (yes, our programs are accredited too!), and have that global experience you’ve been yearning for. With The GREEN Program, you don’t need to chose. In fact, we want you do to it all - and succeed in the process.

We live in a time where opportunities are endless, so why limit ourselves? 

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