The Foundation of Entrepreneurship

Do you know your "Why"? 


Your “why”: the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. How do great companies and organizations succeed in attracting people to their products & services and other similar competing companies and orgs fail to do the same? The answer is in the culture and messaging.

As the Millennial generation continues to mature, we have become more critical of the status quo and what is being spoon-fed to the public. The core of this critical analysis of our surroundings roots into what we have experienced in our brief lifetime. The sheer amount of global connectivity and information allows everyone to be somewhat of an expert on everything, and the best companies and organizations are the ones that can best relay their WHY.

"Why?" is one of the most powerful questions we can ask. 

The following videos will be critical when developing your Capstone Projects on your program.

Part VII: Actionable Items:

  • Watch Simon Sinke's "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" (18 minutes)


Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

  • Watch "Business Canvas Model" (2 minutes) 

Business Model Canvas Explained

  • Watch Carol Sanford's "The Responsible Entrepreneur" (11 minutes) 

The responsible entrepreneur -- four game changing archetypes: Carol Sanford at TEDxBerkeley

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