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Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a group to call family. These are their stories...

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Photo: Avery McEvoy

Alumni Profile

Avery McEvoy

Stanford University

University Of Southern California

Master In Atmosphere, Energy, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"I want to leave a better, cleaner, greener future for our posterity. I want to power the world with renewable energy."

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Photo: Maria Corona

Alumni Profile

Maria Corona

Michigan Technological University

Environmental Engineering

"Create innovative ideas to enhance environmental engineering processes that incorporate renewable energy and promote sustainability around the world."

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Photo: Nicole Elise Wehner

Alumni Profile

Nicole Elise Wehner

Michigan Technological University

B.s. Environmental Engineering, M.s. Civil Engineering - Water Resources

"I want to leave the world healthier than when I first set foot on it."

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Photo: Haydon Strable

Alumni Profile

Haydon Strable

University Of South Carolina

Civil And Environmental Engineering, Biology Minor

"What benefits the earth benefits us, and helping to build a more sustainable and green biosphere is where I hope to be an impact."

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Photo: Rebecca Cartellone

Alumni Profile

Rebecca Cartellone

Columbia University

Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Minor

"I have such a strong passion for preserving the environment because of this experience; it definitely has influenced my career aspirations."

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Photo: Mackenna Bell

Alumni Profile

Mackenna Bell

University Of Michigan

Environmental Engineering, Program In Sustainability

"I'm really passionate about the environment, public health, and helping people. I wanted to become an engineer to help create a better world for all who inhabit it."

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Photo: Samuel Joseph Evers

Alumni Profile

Samuel Joseph Evers

Lehigh University

Environmental Engineering And Sustainable Development

"I want to help people use Earth`s resources more efficiently and in lesser amounts. More, specifically, I aspire to contribute to the creation of food systems which bolster food security, preserve ecosystem services for future generations, and provide jobs."

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Photo: Tyler Crouse

Alumni Profile

Tyler Crouse

Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University

Virginia Tech

Civil & Environmental Engineering

I’m a critical thinker and problem solver. I’m a hard worker that tries to understand perspectives from all different angles.

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Photo: Robyn Jones

Alumni Profile

Robyn Jones

Environmental Engineer

"The most valuable part of the program for me was the opportunity to make connections and form professional relationships and friendships that I still rely on today."

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