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Not only do our students get to experience a life-changing trip, we also place them on a path to career fulfillment in sustainability & give them a group to call family. These are their stories...

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Photo: Gabriela Moy

Alumni Profile

Gabriela Moy

University Of Colorado

Chemical Engineering; Minor In Business

"I want to use my creativity and problem solving skills to tackle problems impacting people all over the world, especially in developing countries."

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Photo: Andrew Beckett

Alumni Profile

Andrew Beckett

Penn State University

Energy Business And Finance, Statistics

"The renewable energy and sustainability field is extremely alluring to me. I would love to work in this industry and be able to see how energy use develops throughout my lifetime."

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Photo: Connor Humphries

Alumni Profile

Connor Humphries

Humber College

Sustainable Energy & Building Technology

"The GREEN Program is a dream come true for any student in a renewable energies focused program or are planning to."

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Photo: Katie Turriff

Alumni Profile

Katie Turriff

University Of Waterloo

Urban Planning

"I view the land, its culture, and its history as a resource which I feel called to protect and act as a voice for. This is why I am studying urban planning; so that I can someday soon be this voice for our valuable resources."

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Photo: Lucas Salvatore Tufano

Alumni Profile

Lucas Salvatore Tufano

Pennsylvania State University

Environmental Systems Engineering

"I want to mitigate the effects of industrialization by helping people and companies transition back to a sustainable mindset that will shape a healthier future on Earth."

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Photo: David Abel

Alumni Profile

David Abel

University Of Wisconsin

Mechanical Engineering, Environment And Resources, Energy Analysis And Policy

"A resume can show ambition, but it cannot appropriately portray the passion that I have for energy and the environment, nor the people, places and ideas that have come with exploration in this field."

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Photo: Stuart Pomeroy

Alumni Profile

Stuart Pomeroy

Princeton University

Public Policy , Environmental Studies

"Instilling the passion, drive, and vision that are fundamental to being a pioneer in this ever-changing, and ever-greening world is imperative."

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Photo: Tara Brooks

Alumni Profile

Tara Brooks

Clemson University

Chemical Engineering Emphasis In Energy Studies

"My dream job is being a chemical engineer working to design and implement efficient and cost-effective methods of alternative energy, most likely in terms of solar power."

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Photo: Adam Tholen

Alumni Profile

Adam Tholen

University Of Wisconsin-madison

Mechanical Engineering With A Certificate In Engineering For Energy Sustainability

"I want a career in which I can apply my engineering education to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy systems while also working with community members to gain an understanding of how their lives can be improved."

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Photo: Andrew Vann

Alumni Profile

Andrew Vann

Brown University

Environmental Science, Sustainability In Development

"I want the leave the world with much better built environments for people to inhabit, which I believe starts with innovative material use, renewable energy, and smart and resilient city planning."

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Photo: Zachariah Rizk

Alumni Profile

Zachariah Rizk

University Of Oregon

Environmental Studies, Business Administration - Minor

"Through empowerment, education and grit, we can revive our inner cities into innovative hubs for green solutions."

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Photo: Kayla Holguin

Alumni Profile

Kayla Holguin

University Of Washington

Chemical Engineering

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Photo: Casey Fritz

Alumni Profile

Casey Fritz

University Of California, Berkeley

Marine Science, History Minor

"I want to make impactful progress in environmental protection by raising public awareness for the issues we are currently facing such as climate change, ocean acidification, and habitat loss."

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Photo: Daniel Yinglong Liu

Alumni Profile

Daniel Yinglong Liu

Colorado School Of Mines

Biochemical & Chemical Engineering

"Whether it be through R&D or technical sales, anything I can do to bring tangible, sustainable solutions to the table of employers and companies is what I'll consider to be good work!"

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Photo: Casey Smith

Alumni Profile

Casey Smith

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

Electrical Engineering

"Even though I'm an engineer, expressing creativity is a huge part of my personality and I spend a lot of my free time practicing art of various mediums."

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Photo: Brian McCarthy

Alumni Profile

Brian McCarthy

University Of Massachusetts Amherst

Chemical Engineering, Minor: Engineering Management

"My dream is to travel to developing communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or wherever there is need to help establish sustainable modes of living, such as renewable energy production. I would love to be able to help fix the political and social climate in the United States in order to make sustainability a national priority, but I know there is also so much we can do outside of the U.S."

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Photo: Ty Dane Rempe

Alumni Profile

Ty Dane Rempe

University Of Nebraska- Lincoln

Mechanical Engineering

"I want to engineer technology to create a more efficient and sustainable world."

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Photo: Andrea Miller

Alumni Profile

Andrea Miller

University Of Michigan

Chemical Engineering

"My dream career allows me to continue working in a technical capacity and using my background as a chemical engineer to make an impact on energy systems, while still working closely with other people."

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Photo: Lauren Hillis

Alumni Profile

Lauren Hillis

Rowan University

Reykjavik University

Sustainability Energy Engineering

"I want help improve sustainable energy technologies and spread awareness of sustainable practices."

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Photo: Robert Belau

Alumni Profile

Robert Belau

University Of Minnesota

Math, Physics, And Mechanical Engineering Majors, Astrophysics Minor

"I want to leave the world better than I found it. From my closest family and friends, to strangers I'll never meet. From humankind to the animal kingdom. From mountains to valleys. From oceans to deserts. I want to make the most positive impact possible, and will work to whatever lengths necessary to make it happen."

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