Main takeaway: Step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your educational career.

This has been a remarkable experience. My time here has aligned me back to my passions for environmental sustainability, development, and public engagement. It was definitely the boost I needed after graduation to keep my passions at the forefront. I enjoyed being around amazing, like-minded people who I can call lifetime friends. I was inspired by everyone on this trip and I am excited to reconnect with everyone once we return back to the states. I would not have been able to experience one of the greatest moments of my life without the support of the GREEN Team. Thank you for all your hard work. Your ambition to spread sustainable development and learning experiences worldwide is very touching. Keep it up and see you soon!

I had arrived in Nepal with minimal expectations because it was my first study-abroad experience. After attending this program, I have confirmed with myself that this will not be my last, especially with TGP. I do not know where to begin because every aspect of the trip was memorable. From the people I have met to the culture and scenery of Nepal, this program was jam-packed and enabled everyone to step out of their comfort zones.

Why did you choose The GREEN Program over other study abroad options?

I chose to attend THE GREEN PROGRAM over other study abroad options because it was an accelerated program that fit my busy schedule as a college student. It was remarkable to see how a 10 day program granted me an experience equivalent, if not greater than, a three month study abroad experience.

How do you want to make an impact on your community as a GREEN Ambassador this spring?

It would be impactful to share the incredible experience I shared with others to highlight the importance of our environment and sustainable development. The curiosity I would leave my community would encourage them to look deeper into The GREEN Program and within their own lives to see what changes they can make in support of our environment.

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