What’s your story? 

I first discovered renewable energy when I went to presentation at a local college (recommended by my tech teacher) on offshore wind in Maine. The man, Dr. Habib Dagher from the University of Maine Orono, explained the future he envisioned for our state and what these systems were capable of. I was captivated and instantly decided to devote my already-earth-loving life to improving the design, cost, and prevalence of these systems, specially wind power.


Describe your dream job. 

I love to travel. I’m also highly curious and love seeing new ways of doing familiar things. I wish to someday have my own world-traveling consulting company working for governments or big businesses. My team would assess the area for the best kind(s) of green energy system(s) and then work with the local government and/or company to create policies, social movements, and training modules for the locals to take over. I’d also love if my company can work with third world countries or struggling areas to provide clean energy for free.
For now, I got my “dream job for entry level” with GE in their Renewable Energy Development Program. This program is focused on their wind power industry, allowing me to rotate every 6 months to a new business-critical job for a 2 year period. While doing this, other employees in this program work together on projects, attend classes and conferences, and make incredibly network connections on travels across the US and the world. I am incredibly excited!

"The GREEN Program allowed me to narrow my focuses down on my life goals and gave examples of past alum who had followed theirs, creating hope."

Why do you believe that you are the next-generation pioneer of your industry? 

I believe I personally have an enormous amount of passion for wind power and renewables that is often noted by people I converse with. Not only wind power but offshore wind specifically is starting to take off at an incredible rate, creating a fantastic market of job security and ability for innovation. As for our whole generation, I believe that people are getting more in-tune with understanding the links between past, present, and future and getting to hear many stories for people across the globe due to our ability to access information quickly and together. With the capability of working together on technical innovations we can arrive at feasible solutions much more quickly and with a sense of unity.


Tell us about your leadership experiences.

I have held two “big” leadership roles, one as a non-technical role at the radio station I worked at when I was a 4th year and one as the project leader on my year-long senior design capstone when I was a 5th year. Both taught me valuable lessons, including how to be a leader rather than a boss, how to be firm but show compassion, and the importance of non-work activities to brighten spirits and increase productivity and retention.


How has GREEN play a role in shaping your professional endeavors?

GREEN showed me more than anything that I am not the only one crazy about renewables and sustainability. It allowed me to make connections not only as friends but as professionals. It was my first travel experience outside of North America and it opened my eyes to the big big world that was out there. Iceland also took a completely different approach to sustainability than the US, inspiring my life goals and dream job. 


Tell us about your Capstone Project experience and initiative.

My capstone group worked on a project that actually close to what I described in my future dream job. We were “consultants” for a big oil company helping them offset their carbon emissions in three different geographical locations using the best renewable energy system for the area. We came up with costs and carbon emissions negated for each area.


What is your best piece of advice that you would give to a student interested in sustainable development? 

The world is realizing we need to become a more sustainable culture, so this is a perfect field for those hoping to make a positive impact and become leaders. Find an area that makes you happily freak out like a 10-year-old who captured Mewtwo to complete his Pokedex. People will notice that passion and give you opportunities to be the change you wish to see in the world.


How are you leveraging your experience on The GREEN Program? 

The GREEN Program allowed me to narrow my focuses down on my life goals and gave examples of past alum who had followed theirs, creating hope. GREEN also changed me as a person by exposing me to different cultures and the travel bug. There’s something about being immersed in a new culture that makes you feel more grown up and empathetic when you get off the plane home.


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