"With my skills of bringing people together for a common cause, I think I can change the world for the better." 


What’s your story? 

I’m a kid who will try anything and everything. I am always up for an adventure and make new friends everywhere I go. Family is everything to me, and I think the best thing to do when something goes wrong is laugh as hard as you can at it, then pick yourself up and keep moving forward.


Describe your dream job. 

My dream job, would be to own my own business. This business would help to shape a city’s skyline (preferably New York City) with a modern style that incorporates everything “green”. The buildings that my firm would design and build would be 100% self-sufficient. I wouldn’t want to just build plain office skyscrapers; I want these structures to look like beautiful art. People walking by on the street would stop to take a picture of it, and the people walking into the building every day for work would stop every once in a while and say “wow this thing so cool”. 


What is the biggest take-awayof your GREEN program experience? 

When I first arrived on the GREEN Program in Iceland, I was with one of my roommates from school who is also an energy studies minor. We were just two kids who wanted to fulfill a requirement for our minor and see a new place for the first time. When I left, I felt like I said goodbye to my family. 


What is your best piece of advice that you would give to a student interested in sustainable development? 

Do everything single thing you can to try new things. If it peaks your interest even in the slightest, give it a shot and do something you never would have seen yourself doing the day before. 


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