Hey Everyone! My name is Malary Hiney and I am a Biomedical Engineering student at Michigan Tech! I was a member of the TGP experience for January 2020’s Iceland trip focused on sustainability and renewable energy. Before entering TGP’s experience, I enjoyed learning about Sustainability, however I had no clue it could be so relevant in my major and lifestyle. TGP expanded my knowledge in ways that seemed less like work, and more like opportunity by giving us a hands on experience filled with adventure around Reykjavik. Because of it, I have chosen to steer my career path to focus on sustainability within my major. I am now beginning research at my university in order to further the capstone project I worked on during my TGP experience.

Thanks to TGP I have gained a new passion for sustainability and cannot wait to incorporate it into my future career! And not only has TGP enhanced my career path, but after meeting so many like minded people, I have gained some life long friends! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime, I’d be happy to share my amazing experience with TGP with you in hopes that TGP could positively impact your life the way it has mine!

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