"GREEN gave me my first step in creating the energy company of my dreams. I found out what to focus on and how to go about it." 

What’s your story? 

I’ve always love studying the world around me. I would often just get lost in my own world thinking about how things work. It’s why when I was introduced to physics and math I fell in love. I ended up studying mathematical physics as my undergrad – I wanted to learn the fundamental laws of nature and the language they are written in. But as time moved on I felt an increasing responsibility to consolidate the way I thought things “should be” in the world and what was actually being done. I couldn’t believe the lack of responsibility and stewardship we as a species displayed with regards to our only planet and knew that physics wouldn’t be enough for me. It’s what brought me to GREEN, to Iceland and it’s what I want to spend my life doing – creating sustainable businesses, technologies and human practices. We need to change how we conduct ourselves. We need to clean up after ourselves and be conscious of what we consume simply to exist. From energy, to agriculture, to waste, to even our total population – we are fast approaching our carrying capacity. My resume will show my degree, my work experience, but the depth at which I concern myself with these issues can’t be expressed over a few lines on a CV. 


Describe your dream job.

My goals are to be at the head of a smart-city company that builds communities in unique and sustainable fashions. I will be fostering partnerships that will make this happen, and be part of the design and planning stages of each community developed. This will cover everything from renewable and automated smart energy systems to communities designed for happy human living, all while minimizing environmental impact and space. For my dream job, I will play an active and key part in helping humanity get comfy on Earth without destroying it. 


How has GREEN play a role in shaping your professional endeavors?

GREEN gave me my first step in creating the energy company of my dreams. I found out what to focus on and how to go about it. I’m now pursuing an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering from Reykjavik University with goals to only get more involved. Previously, there was a huge gap between my current situation and what I wanted. GREEN helped close that gap. Thank you! 


"Some of the best ideas are actually accident born. When thinking about how to build sustainably or manage waste, no idea is too crazy!" 

Tell us about your Capstone Project experience and initiative.

For my capstone, we looked into the feasibility of micro-smart grids in India. We looked at the difference between traditional grids and how a new grid could be designed, then presented a case study for a solar farm / battery storage system for a community of 10,000 people in the state of Karnataka.


What does #onlyontheGREENprogram mean to you? 

It means exactly what it says! Sure, you might be able to go on the same excursions on your own, but to be thrown into that community of like-minded awesome people on top of the mind blowing expeditions… that cannot be replaced. You’ll only find that on the GREEN program. 


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