It is often said that “its not about the destination, but about the journey”.
Regardless of your fields of interest, TGP is a journey to be one with endless learning, laughter and lifetime experiences.



Thank you for the incredible learning opportunity. From both a technical and social standpoint, we were able to learn a great deal about the emotions, designs, and thought process behind the various technologies and cultures.

This incredible experience would not have been possible without your hard work, dedication, and passion. it was fascinating to learn about the Japanese culture and traditions; as well as, meet such loving people in unique communities. The appreciation respect, and value was highly evident from each member. Overall, thank you for everything you provided to assist in developing our experience.

Why did you choose The GREEN Program over other study abroad options?

The GREEN Program (TGP) provided a short-term, yet exhilarating, opportunity to travel to a new country, expand my technical knowledge and meet great people all in one trip. This opened the avenue to make good use of my summer and participate in a professional internship, only to take an educational vacation during which I was able to travel and learn at the same time. The program provided a guided experience to be better under the Japanese culture, principles and value. Also, the GREEN program offered an incredible opportunity to learn about the drastic events that occurred in Fukushima and the progress being made there today, by directly talking with scientific experts, visiting the sites of the accidents and being able to experience the changes being made. This was truly a unique aspect of the program, which is unparallel to any other opportunity. As an engineering student, it was the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to personally witness the facilities where technical advancements are being researched, by visiting the Diachii/Dianii facilities, working with the cutting-edge robotics at the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency, and understanding the revolutionary renewable-energy technological advances taking place at the Fukushima Renewable Energy Agency. Moreover, TGP attracted my attention as it provided the opportunity to meet with the people of Fukushima to be able to better understand the situation and the different perspectives on nuclear energy. Their courage and faith were truly inspiring.

How do you want to make an impact on your campus community as a GREEN ambassador this Spring?

I hope to encourage my fellow students to participate in an international experience, such as that offered by TGP. I aim to assist them to see the value of attending a program abroad, which includes learning in a new environment, becoming more accepting of unique cultures, and developing a more global mindset. With that said, I hope to also promote the uniqueness of the GREEN program. The remarkable experience that accompanies being able to visit the places facing great challenges and being able to understand the progress, is an unparalleled factor of the GREEN program. Moreover, I will strive to continue to build strong relations between TGP and my campus faculty/staff to ensure that students are educated about the prospects and a long-term relation can be established. Last, I hope to spread the positive and inspirational learnings I gained through the GREEN program. I am truly thankful for the remarkable experience I had during my trip to Fukishima with TGP and hope to share this experience with others.

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