"Don't limit your thinking because the world is changing so much that there is always a way to improve on an old solution, or to think of a new solution"

What’s your story?

I try my hardest to break the stereotypes that are placed on me. I would classify myself as a sorority girl who loves dressing up and wearing “girly” things, yet at the same time, I am a mechanical engineer who loves working on and creating machinery, and takes classes with mostly all men. I study hard and I have a passion for travel the environment. With my love for the enviornment, I have a hard time being inside for long periods of time. I never want to be someone who is classified as lazy and I often find myself engaged in multiple projects at once, with which I am able to work more productively and think more clearly.


Why do you believe that you are the next-generation pioneer of your industry? 

Personally, I believe that I am someone who can bring a lot of unique qualities to my industry that could make it a much more exciting and productive field. Being a double major in both German and mechanical engineering would allow me to bridge the gap between potential international relations. Furthermore, I am great at forming many interpersonal relationships that would allow me to get my message across in a way in which people trust. Also, being a woman, I think that I would be able to bring a fresh outlook to an already male dominated field that could potentially bring about new solutions that help women or other minorities.


"Never before did I realize the potential that I held to actually better the environment."


Tell us about your Capstone Project experience and initiative. 

I thought that the capstone project was one of the most amazing parts of the trip for me because it was the first time that I, as a student, was given free range to let me ideas flow and to be able to talk about them. I was able to have an amazing open forum with like-minded students that were actually interested in what I had to say and my potential ideas for the future.

This led to a whole list of ideas, some silly, and some actually pretty incredible, that was made up by my group in just one night. Furthermore, when we presented these idea to our leaders, they encouraged every single one of them instead of dismissing them as silly ideas as I had expected. This was the first time that a teacher gave me the confidence to actually pursue something that I am interested in.

This confidence has grown as I now see myself in my everyday life as able to pursue my passions. Moreover, when presenting the project, each of the students in my group felt a sense of pride that we had accomplished.


What is the biggest take-away from your GREEN program experience? 

 While on the GREEN program, I pushed my body and mind to strange limits and put myself into many uncomfortable situations. My favorite part, however, was that I was able to grow emotionally and physically from them. I never imagined that I would be able to meet twenty random people in a foreign country and ten days later, have made some of the best memories and experiences with these people that will last me a lifetime. 


What does #onlyontheGREENprogram mean to you?

#onlyontheGREENprogram means an experience that you won’t get on any other study abroad that combines like-minded people with something they’re passionate about and gives the opportunity to expand student’s knowledge on sustainability and the world in general while making lasting relationships and memories.  


How are you leveraging your experience on The GREEN Program? 

Since returning from Iceland, I have used my newfound confidence in myself to make it a point to really pursue my passions and try to get the most out of everything I am presented with. I am able also, to use my knowledge in my internship, in which I am able to reference the trip and the things that I learned in order to gain more leverage around the office and to use them as talking points to help me better network.


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