What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?


I am a theater nerd, to a problematic degree. For 3 years in my high school theater department I workshopped on 2 morality plays. The first, which was my first real time on stage, focused on bullying which lead to performances at local middle schools with added anti-bullying workshop. The second discussed the diversions in society and how people intentionally divided themselves. Having never really done theater before that point, they were fairly extreme experiences.


Upon entering college, I decided to try my luck with technical theater. And after some trial and error found my passion for costuming. In our recent show, I headed our costume department for the first time. With much sweat, tears, and coffee I managed to costume a cast of 16 individual characters with heavy alterations. Running off of that experience, I now costume myself doing cosplay at different comic and anime conventions as a hobby.

Describe your dream job or career. 

My dream job is to work in water and wastewater treatment. Specifically, I would like to research, building, and implement new community scale water purification systems in regions without access to clean water due to water contamination. This dream became my central goal because of my Peru excursion with the Green Program. Before my trip, my passion was only fueled by doing bioremediation merely for loving the field. However, after seeing the individuals that are affected by these issues, I knew that this was the subject of research that I wanted to dedicate my time to.

Tell us about your leadership experiences.

For the past two years, I have held executive board positions in my theater group, the JHU Barnstormers. In doing so I have headed publicity for 4 shows and headed technical departments for 6 shows. In general terms, I have been a project manager insuring the completion of certain tasks undertaken by myself and those under me. This has required the setting and meeting of my own deadlines and ensuring that all of my progress is communicated to the rest of the theater to ensure clarity. During this time, I was also required to submit cost estimates and budget myself for the length of these projects.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

The soundtrack of my life is "The Rocky Horror Picture show". My life has a lot of glam to it. But much like Brad, I remember a time when I wore a lot less eye shadow.

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