What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?

My story is an interesting one (at least I think so), I have a passion for learning and finding the best technology that will save this world. I think my resume does a good job in showing that I want to help the world in the greenest way possible.

Describe your dream job or career.

I don't really have a dream job, I think my dream job is one that will give me the leverage to really protect the earth.

Tell us about your leadership experiences.

I have a lot leadership experience: I was the group leader and project management for my senior design capstone project (that I completed in May), I was also a teacher's assistant for linear algebra at NYIT and I was one of the group leaders for my capstone project while in Iceland.

Tell us about your Capstone project experience and your journey, your team, the ideation and implementation.

My capstone project talked about the feasibility of piezoelectric materials in bike lanes. Piezoelectric tiles are a type of technology that when compressed, it creates electricity . The electricity can either be fed back into the grid or allow a business to be semi-self sufficient and sustainable.

How will you use this experience to advance your personal goals?

I will continue to look into ways to make an impact in the world. Starting at my current job at Con Edison and in school as well.

Where and When would you go in a time machine? Why?

Iceland - August 6th (the start of my program). Iceland is such a beautiful class and I think I have so much more to learn about its sustainability practices that 10 days could not teach me everything I needed to know.

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