As an alumna of the GREEN Program (Iceland 2019), I feel like I should've been more prepared for all the different types of opportunities for learning. I guess I got caught up in the stressful rush of finals and didn't allow myself hardly any time to really think about or get excited for this trip. I don't think there was any way to imagine just how incredible it would really be though. Walking in without expectations, but with an open mind made every welcoming smile all the more surprisingly lovely. I knew I was with my people (GREENies!)

I was especially attracted to this trip to Nepal because I craved hands on renewable energy experience and I had never been to Asia. I knew I would love the people and the classes and the adventure but I didn't know just how much! I learned something new and valuable from every experience and personal interaction. Once again the other students as well as the guides sparked inspiration within me and hope for a sustainable future. It was also so impactful for me to be able to be a part of a direct, positive, and sustainable benefit for a community in need.



All the little bumps in the road made this trip even more special. The long van rides full of random music, silly car games, and tons of laughter will always be a fond memory of mine. The entire time spent in the village provided us all time to learn and grow and enjoy being in the moment. Not only did we grow to connect with and take care of each other, we also began to form similar connections with the villagers. The last night of celebration and the last morning in the village were major moments of transformation, I loved it all. I still find it hard to believe just how much we experienced in 10 days and all so amazingly positive and fun!

Thank you TGP for enhancing my life!

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