"The GREEN Program is not only a tour, it is a combination of inspiring education and experience of the beauty of nature. It is important to step out of our comfort zones to meet different people in different countries, which taught me how to make new friends and understand different cultures."

What was your favorite experience in Iceland?

My favourite experience was being able to feel the truth of climate change. During the GREEN Program, I was able to see where glaciers had melted, and this made me feel how huge the impact of climate change is. Our tour guide told us if the glaciers melt, they will flow into the ocean and sea level will rise worldwide, which means a lot of land would be covered by the ocean.

What did you learn that you will carry with you through life?

I learnt the impact of human activities on natural environment. It was very meaningful to see the melting glacier in Iceland, and the volcano’s damage to the farm. I feel that we humans are always connected to nature. Therefore, I will try my best to fight against global warming.

Tell us more about your Capstone Project

It was a fantastic experience to have the Capstone project with the great people I met. This gave me confidence of choosing my future path. The Capstone project is a presentation in researching an idea which can be an innovative business idea that is linked to sustainability. Me and my group mates researched about algae fuel which is a biofuel (biodiesel + bioethanol) that was produced by algae biomass. From the lectures in Reykjavik University we learnt that around the seacoast of Iceland, there is a northernly flow of the warm water which keeps the sea water relatively warm. Therefore that is the ideal temperature for maximising the algae production. Since algae production can consume a large amount of carbon dioxide, it is still great for reduce carbon emission, even though the process of using biodiesel or bioethanol can still have some carbon emission. I felt proud and appreciated by the supportive teachers, group members and environment that gave me a chance of finding out about how I can change the world, with a big presentation in front of everyone.

I encourage anyone who wants to find out their meaning in life to go on any sustainable trip with the GREEN Program.

I was so inspired by the fact that Iceland runs on 100% renewable energy, which we saw first-hand during the visit to a geothermal energy facility. I feel more inspired from my courses at Iceland School of Energy now knowing that science can change and help the world.

I sincerely thank alumnus C.J. Casey for creating the My Way Scholarship and for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. Without the scholarships in the GREEN Program, my knowledge could not have been expanded within this impactful week!

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